Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sewing updates

I made this fabric box to keep my ever expanding collection of fabric in, they are so easy to do :)
I used this tutorial as it was nice a simple for me lol

These are the crayon rolls I have done for my grandaughter Courtney :) I made them for pencils though lol. This is the tutorial for this :)
The outer fabric was a find on ebay and the other fabric was kindly given to me by Pootle
I love the scribbled look with hearts and flowers :)
I am always trying to find time to do more sewing and to keep my blog up to date but as christmas gets closer and closer time goes faster and I always seem to be rushing around :( I must make time as I love my sewing.
More sewing pic's very soon as Im in the middle of 3 projects lol.