Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lovely Claire's giveaway

I had to post a blog about Lovely Claire, sorry Claire not stalking you lol.
She has been sewing some wonderful pincushions and has a giveaway here

Me being totaly useless at this blog thing had to post the link as I can not get my head sorted (lack of time again) to put it on my side bar on my blog.

We started off on MSE in the sewing room over a year ago and have kept each other going both of us learning along the way :)

I don't always get to post a comment on her blog but I always keep up :)

I made a few friends through my sewing and one day will give up work to do more but until then I love seeing Claire's lovely things and want to wish you lots of luck with you house Claire :)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Another bag and a great day out

I have let time run away from me again :(
I have done a lot of sewing for the craft stall I am doing in Norfolk this weekend but no pic's of it all :( but I do have this one lol I brought this faux suede last year but never knew what to make with it until I saw the silky purple fabric I was given and I knew it had to go with it so I made a bag like the tatto one I did earlier.

It was a bit of a pain to sew with but not as bad as I 1st thought and it turned out well :)

Last Sunday my No2 son, Lovely DIL and 2 little princesses came to visit so with No3 son we went to Gullivers Kingdom In Matlock as a 6th (hell were did the time go) birthday treat for my big Princess :)
We had a great day, the weather was warm and the veiw when we got to the top of the park was breath taking, or was that because we pushed a buggy up lots of hills lol.

Even little princess loved it :) One of the things the kids could do was dig for treasure in the caves, they were given a little bag with pan, cup, rake and spade and as you can see even my son enjoyed helping his niece

They has a great time racing on the moonbuggies lol while we had a nice rest on the bench :) I always thought my son was too big for the park so had never taken him but there is so much for 4-13 yr olds to do he loved it as much as my little sweetie so we will be going again :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

3 bags

This weekend I managed to make 2 Amelie bags :)
I have had the fabric lurking about for so long I thought it was about time I used it.
The stripe one the kids have called the butchers apron lol. It is lined with a duvet cover I brought in a charity shop as I loved how like denim it looked :)The navy bag started as a curtain my lovely aunt gave to me and it was lined with some lovely shiney fabric Ive had since I started sewing over a year ago.I even had a zip in my draw that matched perfectly with the lining :)

My next bag I did today.

I have been searching for so long for this black tattoo fabric, I have the white version, I had given up then by chance found some on ebay :)
So I pulled out some lovely black shadow print fabric for the lining and made this simple bag.

My camara flash has made it look a lot greyer than it actually is. You can just see the edge of the pocket, it has the outer fabric on the front and the lining fabric on the back :)

I can't wait to use the rest of the curtains I have been storing to make more bags now :)

Thursday, 11 August 2011

More bags and sewing

Yet again time has run away from me :(

I am hopeing (fingers crossed) that the job interveiw I have for the 18th will go my way as I can have my evenings back :)

It is only when I post pic's here that I realise how much sewing I actually fit into my very busy days lol. This is a new project I want to get started on, I brought these Clover flower makers a few wks ago and Ive still yet to find time to do them.

I made some little loot bags for my money tissues to sell on the craft stall I am doing at the end of August.

I found the fabric amongst my stash that I brought last year and forgot about. I thought there was enough of the pink fabric for a bag but there was not so I decided to make it a reversable bag with the blue and pink with pockets on opposite sides :)

Pink side

Blue side

I made some little make-up bags with the last piece of this fabric, it is so pretty, I got it from

This one is the last of my waterproof bird fabric :( Im not sure if I can get any more

I at long last made some fabric tubs from the SewHip mag :) the felt fabric was from the charity shop for £1.50, there was nearly 2 meters, the denim look fabric was a duvet cover I found in the same shop. The tubs were very quick and easy to make so I will be doing more of these in different sizes :)

Well that's it for now . Thank you for putting up with my ramblings :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sewing updates

I thought it was about time I updated my blog.

I seem to running around like crazy these days and never know where time is going :(
1st I had to show this wonderful pouch I found in a charity shop for £1.95, well my mum brought it as I didn't have any money on me and she was viiting for a few days, I love my mum :) It is padded and folded to make little triangle pockets

I love the fabric and would love to make one but I need to find out how it was done 1st lol

It is ideal for my all my embroidery scissors and bits :)

I made some more little padded xmas trees but ran out of bells so I had to order some more, they came today :)

Some un-finished purses and glasses case I need to put snap fastenings on then I can add these to my craft stall stuff.

The back of the top purse is spotty :)

I love these little art bags, the fabric was from my fav quilting shop in Cromford and when I saw the buttons on ebay I had to get them.

This bag is another one I made useing the Simplicity pattern, I took the other 2 to Quiltessentials in Cromford to show Anne and Darren, they both liked the padded one so I padded this one and have to admit it is better. The fabric is Moda and it was so lovely to sew :)

Well that's it for now, I am supprised how much I have done in my very hectic life lol