Saturday, 18 January 2014

What i did this week :)

It is her 50th birthday on the 27th and as my hand is still plastered I am unable to sew the bag I had in mind for her :(   Purple is her fav colour and she has this odd obsession with gnomes :O so this fabric was perfect for her.  
I normally take about an hour from start to finish making these but this one took over 5 hrs lol
 I found the lining fabric after a big sort out and had to use it before it got buried again
While I was having a big tidy of all my fabric I decided I needed a very large storage tub for my WIP stuff so I made this tub to keep on my table :)

 It now has more in it than this now lol

I managed a morning in town Monday, I have to get the train as driving is still a no no :(
This lovely box was in the 1st charity shop I went into and then I found the little bag of wooden alphabet beads

Space for my sewing machine feet and bits I need to put my hand to straight away instead of spending 10 mins looking for them

 I was thrilled to bits to buy it for £3.99

 If there are a few I tend to buy the lot even if they are the same clours lol

 This lovely table cloth kit was given to me when the manager found out I also love embroidery.

Before Christmas I went into Alfreton (Derbyshire) with my Daughter and just had to buy this sewing box for £14.  I hope in the summer to paint it and put a transfer from the Graphics Fairy  on to it but I still can't make up my mind what so it's a good job I have a while before painting it lol

 Is it me or does any one else plan to do so much then a new magazine arrives in the post and the kettle goes on and that's it lol I am now off to read my Homemade mag and prob as it's 11am I won't get much more done today as I have to look after my Grandson so my Daughter can go see a movie :)
Hope everyone's weekend goes how they want :)

Best wishes,
Sue x

Friday, 10 January 2014


 I can not believe how fast this week has gone, it is Friday already :O
Monday was my Grandson Oskar's (little treasure) 1st birthday How fast the year has gone too :O
 He never stops smiling :)

I had been so lucky to be by my daughters side when he came into the world, she even bit my head off when I kept telling her not long now haha.
 These pic's were taken just before his 1st Christmas with his mum
 Think he liked the flashing lights on the hat lol
 I found this little bag at my local charity shop for Oskar
 I was very pleased to see it was complete with all the little things for each letter of the alphabet.
 This week my Seamstar craft box arrived. I just love every box Ive received so far, well worth the money :)
 This months make is 2 cute heart key rings + fabric, ribbons and buttons to make my own project creation :)

Just can't wait for the plaster to come off my hand so I can start sewing again and typing with both hands again too lol x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

My treats

I treated myself to some books before Christmas  and look forward to doing most of the projects :)
 The patchwork bag book was a Christmas gift from my lovely sister, she knows what I like :)

The cute little tin with doll was in the sale from Elephant in my Handbag!/~/category/id=3660080&inview=product30372460&offset=0&sort=priceAsc 
Some beautiful fabric to keep me going when my hand is out of plaster.
I have so many things I want to sew running around my head it's so painful lol

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Starting again

I have been so bad and not kept up with my blog but that is going to change in 2014 :)
Not a good start to the new year as I had another op just before Christmas so my hand is in plaster until 22nd of Jan.  My son want to write on my plaster so what did he write but 'James is awesome' :O boy's ! haha.

Although 2013 start so well, my daughter gave birth to my lovely Grandson on the 6th of Jan 2013 and I was there to see him come into the world :)  it then went down hill hence the lack of blogging.

I won't go into too much detail but my daughter is now on her own with my little man but on the good side is she has a house very close to me now :)  My OH lost his job again but is now back in work so I don't have to work all the over time I had to do now.

I have done some sewing and I am selling my bags in my friends fabric shop Buttons and Bow in Belper I also sew for the Derbyshire Air Ambulance charity shop.

I have signed up for Bag of the month club where each month I get a designer bag pattern.  I signed up in Dec so only paid £21 for the 6 pattern, this months pattern is from which I am looking forward to doing as soon as I can.  I have been going through all my fabric and getting everything ready :)  I love this 1st pattern :)

 I have made a big decision to quit working as a cleaner at the school my son goes to and start concentrating on my sewing instead not only because I can earn as much sewing as I can a cleaner but also for the sake of my body, Im not getting any younger lol.

Well I hope to share lots of projects soon and will catch up with all my neglected friends.

Best wishes and Happy New Year xx