Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Frame sunglasses case and purse

This little purse matches my bag I made a long time ago :)

I made another sunglasses case on Saturday to keep my glasses in the car from scratching. I have so many sunglasses its silly, they are my summer obsession (like boots are to winter lol).
I love this flame fabric I have and thought it matched the hot sunny days we are having at the moment :)
I just wish I could get the glue bit right, It goes everywere lol.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Sunday, no sewing just Pink :)

Sunday 27th of June I went to see Pink at Alton Towers :) with 5 girls from work . We met up at work 9am as it was on the way (well I was there at 8.20am I was so excited I could not stay home lol).
Pink summer concert was going to start at 6pm (gates opened at 4pm) but we got tickets to spend the whole day on the rids 1st, we are all like big kids lol.
When we went in through the gate at 5pm the grass area was already crowded but we found a spot to sit, Im glad the weather was good. We moved further down nearer the stage a bit later the meet up with another friend, it was packed lol.
Pink had 3 groups that got the 28 thousand people crowd up and jumping.
You should had heard the noise when a big crane swung a box over the stage and when it exploded Pink dropped, it was just the start of a fantastic show.
At the end of the show Pink was harnessed up and sung So What as she twirled all around our heads, I tried to get pics,s but it was hit and miss but luckly most came out ok.
This was the end of the show and it was 10.30pm.
Pink was AMAZING, a fantastic show :)
Alton Towers exit was a nightmare, everyone trying to get back to their cars at the smame time, then we spent over 2 hrs getting out of the carpark.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Recycled coat hooks :)

I have managed to finish 2 more coat hook/knobs to put under the shelf over my sewing area.
Im going to make some little bags to hang off them :)
I have 2 more ready painted and just need finishing off and I might get a different transfer for them also Im leaving the knobs a pine colour :)
I buy the transfers from ebay, this seller has some lovely ones and they are so easy to use (they have to be with me lol).

At long last my coasters are finished lol

These are the coasters I brought from the CS ages ago and I was hoping it would be a quick easy makeover, how wrong, I have had to go into work every day since and help in the day as well as go back later in the evening as they are short staffed (its great when they have to call on the cleaner lol).
Today my son has an inset day and they didn't need me today so I finished the coasters off. Im realy pleased with them as the green was a pain to cover (even sanding and undercoat din't help).
I added the fabric left over from my tent (lol) dress and varnished it.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Dizzytina's fabric swap

I joined Dizzytina's ( fabric swap and was paired up with sheyo :)
I recived this wonderful package from her :)
I just love the needle case she sent as mine is old and worn out, I love the elephant fabric she used to make it. There were some lovely ribbons and fabrics and stuff it felt like my birthday :)
Thank you very much Shelley :)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Fabric book and fabric

Today after work (round one, back in tonight) I went back to the curtain shop I found in town yesterday and picked up a fabric sample book they had put aside for me. I just can not work out why I had over looked the quaint little shop :(
While there I brought these at £2.99 a metre each. Im not sure what I will do with them yet but they are 100% cotton and so pretty :)
I had a great chat with the owner and he has said Im welcome to come back anytime and pick up as many as I want when they come to an end :)
He has rolls and rolls of fabric in the back of the shop all at £2.99 a metre so now I will never be short of fabric (only money lol).
The second pic is my fav fabric in the book but I do like the 1st one too.
They are also going to be some nice little cushion covers :)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Not everything goes to plan

I wanted to have a go at making some clothes so I brought this dress pattern from ebay as it looked nice a smple and it said easy 2 hours so I thought if I give it 4 I should be ok lol. The one thing that stumped me was what size do I cut out? but I knew where I would get the best help :)
the sewing forum (mse) and I did :) I was told to cut out a size smaller as New Look patterns a quite generous. Everthing was going great until I had to adjust the straps and found it was like wearing a tent :( I am going to see if I can alter it but if not I have loads of fabric to make a skirt from it lol.
It a learning thing lol.
Some things do go right though lol. I made a simple little lazydays skirt for my princess. The fabric started life as a pillowcase I brought from the charity shop. The side pattern looked like a crown :)

It was easy to do and had some help from Dizzytina and Bunny200 on Martin Lewis (mse) sewing forum for measurements because if I waited any longer for my son to let me know her measurements she would be 21 lol.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I made a nappy pouch :)

Tonight I managed to finish sewing the nappy pouch for my DIL. It was so easy to do and will be useful to put in the changing bag as well as to carry a few nappys and wipes if she pops over to her mums and doesn't want to take too much with her :)
I followed Noodlheads tutorial

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Im going to be a nan again :)

My son rang me yesterday and told me Im going to be a nan again (oh that sounds so old lol).
I am so pleased for him and my DIL as she will be a great mum and he adores his daughter from a previous relationship.
It looks like I will now have to add baby items to my sewing list :) I have till Nov so better start now lol.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Charity shop again :)

I had a rummage through this little plastic box that is tucked away at the back of the shop in a tight corner and found these zips (one is new) cotton and some velvety ribbon. The lovely lady only charged me 40p for them all.
I was going to be good this week and not go in the charity shop but Im so glad I did, anyway I needed my fix lol.
A Ralph Lauren double sheet/vallance for £2.49 in perfect (new looking) condition. Almost too good to cut up for my next quilt as it is so beautiful but I can see this blue and white quilt in my mind :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

fabric and weekend sewing

I made a larger red heart and put some lavender inside, it looks great on my chest of drawers :)
I never like to throw anything away as I see so much protential in things to become something useful :) Like this offcuts from my OH's gardening projects and some spare wooden knobs. All I have to do is the screw holes and I will have some nice hooks for my bedroom :)

I made some little purses with the samples of fabric I have been collecting they only too 20 mins to make. The little bow is a brooch that was on the pearl like necklace I brought from Primark and the fabric is CK sample just folded and a zip I had already.
This is the blog I got the idea from :)

Saturday I went into town with my daughter, not sure if I will again for a while lol she hates charity shops and only let me go to the market place after I brought a dress for her (15 yr olds, who would have them lol)

I did get the blue spirograph fabric for £1 and the green spotty one for £1.20 about 4 meters in total. The pearl beads and chain with loats of cute bits hanging off it is from Primark £2.00 and £2.50 :) a lot cheaper than buying beads.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

I am still trying out blogging lol

I am slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing (please forgive me) lol.
I love reading other blogs on sewing and home improvemnts also I love a bargain :)
Now this is going off the subject but I just love the veiw from the windows where I work on beautiful sunny days (evenings when I work lol) and just had to share them with you :)

My cheats quilt now done

My cheats quilt complete and on my bed :) (above)

Today I finished my cheats quilt lol.
I loved this double duvet cover I got from Tesco for £1.98, thank you MSE :)
I was going to cut it up but some how just couldnt so I stuffed some 2oz wadding inside and sewed along the lines of colour/pattern and around the edge.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My quilt :)

I am so proud of this quilt, not only because it only took the bank holiday weekend to complete but it is the second time I have attempted patchwork (the 1st was my mum's mothers day cushion cover).
It was not that hard to do and I enjoyed doing it so much Im now planning loads more lol.

I love the squares I brought from Carols patchwork and quilting shop on Ebay (she has loads of wonderful squares) I also had the 2oz wadding from Ebay and the large white cotton sheet was from a charity shop.

I had a problem trying to work out how to put it together but the good old internet soon helped :) I found a site that helped with mitered corners (Amy's Creative Side blog)

I machine sewed around the edge of the squares and I will (today) put some stitches in the corners of the squares to keep the wadding secure.