Sunday, 21 October 2012

 Well here I am again, late as always lol.
I have not been sitting doing nothing just very busy as always, where does the time go :(

 I have been working so much I was thinking of setting my bed up at the school where I work lol.

I have managed some sewing, these are a few of the things I have done (or started and yet to be finished).

I have orders for doll clothes at the moment and this is one of the dresses I remembered to get a pic of.
The back has velcro fastening but I decided to add the little buttons so it looks better :)

My Darling Daughter is going to be a mum :) so these are some bits I have made for her.
A changing mat made with lovely soft fleece backing and a micro-fibre towel sandwiched in the middle, it can be folded into her change bag so my little Prince (yes she is expecting a boy) will not have to lie on those hard change tables when they are out :)  Also made 3 burp clothes and a wash cloth with the sraps left over.
I am helping her move to her new home with her man next week, I will miss her so much as she is moveing to Leicestershire but then it is only 40mins drive so not too far lol.

In between work and home I an embroidering this :)  I have to get to the school and hour before I start work or I will have no chance of parking so I take this and do a little every day, I have almost finished the letters then I will do all the green and save my fav part the roses till last :)

Thes are peg bags I made for my lovely daughter-in-law (red with heart lining) and my one day son-in-law (he is a big kid lol) he wanted this dino fabric. The bags can be hung on the line while hanging washing out.
My daughter is very lucky as Ben is very domesticated which is good as she is not lol so I know she will be in very good hands :)

I had a few hrs spare (very rare) so decided to make a wrapping paper roll holder as my other one was too small.  I put a pocket on the front to hold pens and tags.
I also had some of these phonebox bits from when I made a bag that I could not throw so I will be making some phone charger bags and phone covers with them but for now this is as far as it got.

bag fronts finished and one phone holder with micro fleece lining done :)