Monday, 31 January 2011

Hearts and purses

I have also used up some left over patchwork squares from my quilt making to make these little gift size bags but I think they will also look good on a dressing table for make-up :) I will take these to the craft fair in March. They are just like mini tote bags :) I love doing these hearts. They look good using batik fabric :)
The purses were made with the last bit of Mabel Lucy Atwell type fabric I had lurking in my stash, I lined it with some nice turquoise and white dot fabric. These turned out my best yet :)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

My sewing weekend

Love making these frame purses (I blame Lisa from I just love her bags and purses. The little purse is the reverse of the buttercup bag and the larger one was made with beautiful heart and spot fabric from my fav seller on ebay (I sit too long drooling over her fabrics).
This is another buttercup bag :) I love these bags :) I decided to put a swivel hook inside so I dont have to hunt for my keys after a night out lol. I decided to buy the pattern so I can make more for the craft stall and I get the larger vesion with a zip top too.

These are the 1 hour bags from this tutorial
The blue one I started 3 days ago but the other 2 I made within the hour lol. I love the orange one, it is some Laura Ashley quilted fabric I won one ebay (2.2meters for £4.70).

Im off for now (still loads of pic's to come) Im in the middle of glueing a frame to another purse at the mo but just want to update you all on my sewing :)
Sue x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Some of my sewing projects

Today I found this fabric in my local C.S. 20 yards of it for £15 :) I think the local curtain makers in town had a sort out as its brill. My OH built a floor to ceiling shelf cupboard for me so some of this will make a curtain to cover the front :) Some small patchwork cushions I have done for the stall in March. They are only small ones to dress the bed with but I thought they might sell better than bigger ones. I keep making these fabric boxes to keep my fabric in as Im running out of storage room and these are ideal for the smaller bits. This is another buttercup bag (5th one I have made)

These are quilted tubs I made for my daughter (horse mad lol) and her friend (she calls me mummy Sue as she spends a lot of time here lol) I filled them with girly products and some silly bits for xmas. I wanted to give them something they could use after too
These fabric box bags are fun to do, the red one was stuffed with pamper bits for my DIL (she loves baking hence the cupcake t-towels lol), the other one I made a craft hamper for my darling princess.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

IM BACK :) sorry it's been so long

My new grandaughter with my son and No 1 grandaughter looking proudly at her. My son and daughter-in-law have named her Rebecca Elizabeth :)
Hi everyone :) sorry it has been so long since I last blogged (gosh has it realy been 3 months ).

1st off I want to thank Dear Claire (

Claire and Lisa have missed me and cheered me up no end with thier beautiful message to see how I am, it is so lovely knowing Im not just another face (blog) on here and people do care. Thank you :)

Also I hold my head in shame as Tina gave me a blog award before xmas and I just didn't get time to thank her and follow up with it.

Before xmas my hands really hurt so went to doc's and I have to have a small op (Feb 18th) so I have been sewing (as and when I can) as I have been asked by the girls at work to do a stall, they are holding a craft event for Mother's day on the 24th of March.

My other distraction was the birth of my second grandaughter on the 19th of Jan. She is just PERFECT lol and very much like her dad when he was born (never mind she will grow out of it lol).
I promise to keep up to date with my blog but for now off to sort all the pic' of my sewing projects so I can show you all :)
THANK YOU ALL again :) :) :)