Saturday, 1 December 2012

I won a beautiful chair

I entered a compition in the Simply Homemade magazine to win a chair and I won :)
I enter quite a few comps but have never won any thing as nice as this
Faded Grey was giving this to a lucky winner.
Liz upcycles some wonderful furniture and smaller wooden gifts, please take a look :)
She gives 100% customer service as I had to get her help when the courier let us both down.

I was thrilled to bits when it arrived as it is so much nicer that it looked in the pic's and it is now pride of place at my pc desk as it is so comfi to sit on.

I feel like a Queen :)
I would also like to thank Sarah from the Simply Homemade mag for all her wonderful help too :)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bedroom swap

I have been busy swapping rooms with my son now my lovely daughter has moved into her new home with her partner.

We live in a small 2 bed cottage so we had put a partition wall in the bedroom for my son and daughter.

This all had to go :)  I luckly kept the pine doors to the wardrobe and they are now back on for me to use, I need them to hide all my mess and clothes lol.

My son has a new bed, he hated his cabin bed.  All that it left to do is decorate but Im not doing it till after christmas so it gives me time to work out what colour to paint my room :) so many idea's in my head :)
start of the bedroom swap
Daughters side
shelves removed
All the mess and carpet to be removed
My bed before the swap
 My bed after, two tone bedroom lol
Wardrobe doors put back on
 Chest of drawers moved into my room
My son making himself comfi on his new bed

Sunday, 21 October 2012

 Well here I am again, late as always lol.
I have not been sitting doing nothing just very busy as always, where does the time go :(

 I have been working so much I was thinking of setting my bed up at the school where I work lol.

I have managed some sewing, these are a few of the things I have done (or started and yet to be finished).

I have orders for doll clothes at the moment and this is one of the dresses I remembered to get a pic of.
The back has velcro fastening but I decided to add the little buttons so it looks better :)

My Darling Daughter is going to be a mum :) so these are some bits I have made for her.
A changing mat made with lovely soft fleece backing and a micro-fibre towel sandwiched in the middle, it can be folded into her change bag so my little Prince (yes she is expecting a boy) will not have to lie on those hard change tables when they are out :)  Also made 3 burp clothes and a wash cloth with the sraps left over.
I am helping her move to her new home with her man next week, I will miss her so much as she is moveing to Leicestershire but then it is only 40mins drive so not too far lol.

In between work and home I an embroidering this :)  I have to get to the school and hour before I start work or I will have no chance of parking so I take this and do a little every day, I have almost finished the letters then I will do all the green and save my fav part the roses till last :)

Thes are peg bags I made for my lovely daughter-in-law (red with heart lining) and my one day son-in-law (he is a big kid lol) he wanted this dino fabric. The bags can be hung on the line while hanging washing out.
My daughter is very lucky as Ben is very domesticated which is good as she is not lol so I know she will be in very good hands :)

I had a few hrs spare (very rare) so decided to make a wrapping paper roll holder as my other one was too small.  I put a pocket on the front to hold pens and tags.
I also had some of these phonebox bits from when I made a bag that I could not throw so I will be making some phone charger bags and phone covers with them but for now this is as far as it got.

bag fronts finished and one phone holder with micro fleece lining done :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Where does time go?

I am back AGAIN lol.
I have had such a busy few months.
I made this little telephone box cushion cover for my Aunt M in Canada after she saw the one I did for a craft stall.

I used some t-towels I brought from Wilco's
The cushions below are what I made with the others in the pack



No.2 cushion front


Both together :)

My son left junior school so I was very busy making leaving gifts for the teachers, so busy I only just made it up the school to give them to everyone as I was sewing up to the last second lol.
I made the 4 main teachers these lunch bags (I only got a pic of this one) I used Pink Penguins tutorial
Then I made some of these from the pattern I brought from Jane's blog

As you can see it's been ages since I blogged so this is all over the place, sorry lol.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hi everyone :) 

This is just a quick note to let you know Im still alive lol.

I have been so busy at work I have not had time to sew much :)
I have now been asked by the head of my son's school to make 30 tote bags with a front pocket so the reception class kiddies can put their work into and hang on their pegs, tey had a revamp in the class so now have no room for drawers to keep their stuff in.
 I have been busy also sewing the year 6 leavers gifts and as my son is going to high school this yr too I am making some gifts for his lovely teachers.  I just glad it is a very small village school so only a few things to make lol.
 I can not post pic's yet as some read my blog :)

I will be back soon to show the tote bags Ive made for the school (just as soon as Ive sewn them up) I have so far cut out 15 bags and waiting on some more fabric to arrive so I can get on with the rest, each bag is different and is a school related i.e. rulers, crayons and drawings :)

Hope to keep up soon xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Hi and so sorry for the long delay :(

I have had a pig of a weekend and start to the week but at last I have picked (well little geek did) picked a winner for my giveaway.

Please email me with your address :)

I have decided to make a little something as a sorry for the delay gift for

and Claire
Please can you send me your addresses so I can post you your little gifts :)

Thank you so much for your support and I will try to be a better blogger but this time of year always gets me muddled :(
ROLL ON SUMMER  lol. xxx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Website

My son has made a website for me and you. We have a forums where you can chat with me and others, there will be extra pictures of bags and other things i make. Hope to see you there.

Click me for my website

Friday, 10 February 2012

I have at last got a giveaway for my lovely blog followers :)

This is my very 1st giveaway so not sure what Im doing  but it's been a long time comeing and hopefull I will get better lol.

 This was not easy to get a button set up but thanks to my little PC geek and lovely Claire It is hopefull working :)

I am giveing away this little package, A little basket with £20 note tissues, some pale peachy pink lace, rose buds, 2 rose mini candles and some baby pink, white and pink/green fringing.  3 handmade by me hearts. I am also adding a suprise package but Im not telling you what it will be lol :)
 Scroll down for rules :)

To be in with a chance of winning this package....

Tell me what  colour you mostly get drawn to for sewing :)   are you a romantic, girly, bright or modern :)
Also if you have added my button to your blog then leave me a second comment to say you have done it :)
    As you might guess I love hearts and roses :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

my nan's birthday

Today is my 50th birthday but Im not going to tell you about that because today my very much missed nana Hart would have been 100 years old.
This amazing and beautiful lady was haveing her 50th birthday when I arrived.

The photo is my nan and Grandad on their wedding day.
They fell in love but had a lot of family against them getting married so they did the only thing they could to be together, nan got pregnant.

They went on to have 6 girls and a boy, my mum has told me stories of how happy they were and
Grandad (who I sadly never met as he died when my mum was 14) had the most bright blue eyes (my cousin K has beautiful blue eyes so maybe she inherited them from him. It was his job as a game keeper that he got weil's disease and never recovered.
My nan always a strong lady had to bring up 3 young (my uncle S was only a baby ) children on her own.
She never bothered with another man again but concentrated on giving all the love she could to the family.
As she grew older she never complained of aches or pains, she never judged me when I got pregnant at 171/2 and left my bully boyfriend to go home, in fact we had a long talk and she told me if I wanted to talk she would be there for me.
This pic is my nan and Aunt P, I always laugh at this pic as nan looks a bit stern.
I know she loved going over to Canada to see My lovely Aunt M and my cousin J.

 I can not belive she went to be with my Grandad nearly 27 years ago, I still miss her so much especially on our birthday.
My nan like things neat and tidy and knew just where everything was, you could blindfold her and she would be able to go to what she wanted, I have the same habbit, I can go in the dark and know exactly where my work T-shirts are and were my good t-shirts are.

My nan has always been my strength and Im sure she keeps me going when sometime I just want to give up. After all if she could go through what she did then I can cope in today's world after all I am her birthday present :)


I am going to do a give away tomorrow to thank you for sticking with me (was going to be today but after writing this Im a bit sad) so until tomorrow.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My new fabric and more bags :)

I was very lucky to be the 1st ten people to upload a quilt a magazine and this little bundle is what I got :) it is kinda 30ish and vey pretty.  I now need to find a nice bag pattern to show it off :)

 I wanted to try a new quilt block rather than just squares and I have been looking at MissouriQuiltCo You Tube videa's for a while now and LOVE them :)
These are my 1st attempts at this tutorial
I need a bit more practice but they are so easy to do I don't mind doing that lol.

I am so in love with this fabric, it was just by look ing for the deep purple Lava fabric that I came across this lovely fabric seller

 I had made another Amelie bag but did not have enough of the purple fabric to do the handles (I had brought it off Ebayand could not find it again) so when I put in a searce on Google Tabbycat came up and boy does she have some wonderful fabrics and every colour of the Makower Lava and I just had to have the red and also this beautiful red Cascade from FabricFreedom.
 The purple is a lot richer in colour than it has come out in the pic' I didn't get a photo of the bag I made before giving it to my friends mum, she wanted a bag with lots of pockets for her art stuff.

The fabric below is some I got in Cromford Quiltessentials shop, this too is more (what I would call anyway) Autumn red

This fabric is Moda Terrain by Kate Spain :)

Another Amelie bag, I never get fed up making these :)

I brought this fabric last year and wanted a pattern to show it off so I knew a Keyka Lou pattern would be great. This is called Half Moon bag, I think I have most of Michelle's patterns now and they are very easy to do :)

The button is one I found in my button box

I had just enough of the Moda fabric left to use as the lining :)
This may look a small bag but boy does it hold a lot :)

To end this long list I have been useing up my scraps and made this 4 sqaure block.
All my scraps have been sorted into colours so the next 4 will be black and white with a little red in some and maybe I will have enough to make a quilt :)

A closer look :)
Hope to post something special tomorrow as I very much appreciate you dropping by :) :)