Sunday, 26 June 2011

Im back again

I just don't know where the time is going :(
I have been back at work since Tuesday and Ive already gone into auto-pilot mode :(
The good news is I have done some sewing, oh and still buying fabric lol, here are some pic's :)
One of the ladies on MSE sewing room put a pattern for a stuffed xmas tree on so I had to hunt out my christmas fabric to make one lol. I had forgotten about the MM fabric I had brought last year so I just had to use it :) The little bells were out of my jewelry box, Im think I might put some ribbon on the top to hang it with.

When I saw this fabric on ebay I just had to buy it but what I will use it for Im not sure yet

More fabric :) the cotton lace I brought for a £1 at Cromford Mill in the antiques shop :) the swirly fabric is Michael Miller that I got from a seller on Etsy, it arrived quickly from America as I could not find it here. I decided to go back to basics and use a flat sheet I had been given to make a basic tote bag, I put a zip pocket in the back as Im now getting better at doing these lol. It will be ideal for the beach for the usual bits :) if we ever get a summer though :(
I am going to be doing a craft stall at the end of August so I had better get my finger out and sew also my mum said the beautician she goes to liked my Amile bag I made for her that she is going to sell some smaller bits for me in her salon so Ive got some make-up bags to make too :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

I have been sewing again :)

I needed to get back into my sewing again so I fished these tissues out that I had brought off ebay a while ago and made some covers for them :)The marble ones just had to go in the spotty fabric ones lol.This art bag I made is from this blog loved this fabric but it was such a pain, it frayed so much. Silly me forgot that I had brought a bottle of fray stop Doh!

The inside pockets were made from a duvet cover I found in a CS, it is so like denim you would think I had cut up my jeans lol.Today I finished a nother Amelie bag :) this time I used some lonely hearts ads fabric I found on ebay, I love it :) The pocket backs are white hearts on black and I used some dotty red heart fabric for the lining and straps.

It is funny to read as well as being useful :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A fathers day gift and a prom bag :)

I wanted to make something usful for my step-dad for fathers day and when I saw this fabric I had to get it for him as he loves sailing.
My sister told me he puts his change into those little plastic bank bags to keep safe in his pockets so I thought a coin holder made with a flexie frame would be ideal for him I also made a simple wallet too. The tissues I found on ebay so just had to add them too lol.The inside of the coin holder is the same as the pockets on the wallet. A bit like foamy water lol.My daughter has now left school, just a few more exams to go in for so most of the week she is now at home.

I asked her if she had everything for her prom in July and she said she needed a bag. My daughter is not a girly girl and just wanted a bag to put her phone (as if she would be parted with it lol) and a camera in. I made her a bag to match her turquoise dress I knew the zippered pleated pouch tutorial by Skip To My Lou would be ideal if I added a strap.

I brought some satin fabric and saw this tassle near it in my local fabric shop. My daughters dress has a silver colour zip on the front from top to hem so this fits in well :) I couldn't find any siver grey satin for the lining so I used the turquoise after all it will never get used again lol.
She is thrilled to bits with it so thats good ;)

I will get a pic's of her dressed up when her prom night comes around :)

Sunday, 5 June 2011

More fabric and sewing

Today I eased myself back into sewing again after my 2 week break and made these little make-up bags :) I just love this tutorial and the fabric is FAB too lol. I am hopeing to do a craft fair back in Norfolk in August so will have to have a think on what to take with me (and get sewing lol)

This bag is called Belle, like the Amelie ones I have been making but a bit bigger and has a top band. This is for my lovely Aunt in Norfolk, I was going to put one long strap on it so it went over her body but I forgot and just followed the pattern :( I hope she won't mind.

I used black cotton for the outer fabric and a vintage rose for the lining and pockets, one side of the pockets is black so she can find them lol and I also added a key holder as my Aunt wanted a bag for her work stuff.
Now I have some lovely new fabric to make some of those craft items :)

The Moda jelly roll was free when I subscribed to Popular Patchwork magazine and the Moda vintage rose fabric beside it was an end of roll bargain from the lovely Quilting shop in Cromford Mill (fast becoming my fav place) I get lots of advice from the lovely owner. Walking into the shop is like all birthday's and christmas' rolled into one also being a kid in a sweet shop and finding Aladin's cave lol. I could not resist the cute pattern's either :)

These are the last of my fabric treats for this week (until my very special fabric arrives from Ebay lol) I love the Michael Miller fabrics also loving bright zinggy fabric at the moment.

I still love my roses though :)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A beautiful day out

This is pic's of a beautiful day out that DS J, little dog and me had yesterday, we dropped DD off at work and decided to go on to the National Stone Center. I had luckly remenbered my camera :)
This is a great free place to visit.

Here is the start :)

DS J decided to see how deep the well was by counting how long the stone took to hit the bottom :)
These towers are dotted all around the walk with different tops on them.

The old quarry pit. I don't look down here lol.

Another stone tower.

This is the start of the Millenium wall walk. They built walls common to different parts of the UK. It is facinating to see how different they are :)

One of the walls (and my little dog)

These give you information on each wall and were they are built

Beautiful walks :)

DS J wanted a walking stick and is deciding which one to pick lol.


We decided to move one after the stone center and go to Carsington Water, a very large lake.

This is just a few miles from the stone center and is another free (if you don't park in the visitors center car park) place to visit we always park in the sheepwash car park were there is a great area to have a picnic :)

This is the wildlife area it is full of buttercups at the moment.
This is a veiw from one of the bird watching huts dotted along the walk.

To finish off my Derbyshire travel guide lol I have included pic's of Cromford Mill wher my DD works.

This is a lovely place for a short stop over, some great little shops and a good coffee shop :)

To end it all I could not leave without visiting my fav fabric shop. The lady here is very freindly and has some amazing quilting stuff, it's like being a little kid in a sweet shop lol.

I still miss being by the sea when I moved from Norfolk but on days like this I love Derbyshire :)
No I don't work for any of these places lol.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Grandaughters pegs finished :)

Finished my darling grandaughters pegs ready for their new bedroom :)
I used the lovely flower from Tina's gift for baby and the heart yoyo's I made sometime last year :)
I had a sample pot of lilac paint left over from doing my daughter room so thought the wooden hearts would be a nice touch, the had a small hole in them so I glued a bead on to cover it.

When I was at my mum's for the weekend she was showing me her new Cricut and said she could do the girls names for me so I glued them on and put a coat of clear varnish over it.

I now have to make some little patchwork bags to hang on them :)

My son says I spoil my girls lol.

Sorry for not leaving comments on all my wonderful friends blogs but It won't let me :( I have heard that it playing up but I just want you to know I am keeping up with you all :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beautiful gifts

I had some beautiful gifts arrive in the post Friday but as I was rushing out of the door to go to Norfolk I didn't get to open it until I came back Tuesday.

The lovely Tina sent them to cheer me up after my hand op :)
I have loved everything she has made and her blog is a delight to visit :) The beautiful card has a stitched heart (she knows me well lol)
Opened up they revealed a pretty tin with a flower lid inside were the lemon melts she has made, they smell devine, I have one in my oil burner on the shelf above my PC now and I love it :)

Wrapped in very pretty fabric and tied with a cream ribbon was a perfect little note book :) I will be using it a lot for my sewing info as I keep loosing the scraps of paper I scribble things down on (like the measurements for a cover I told my mum I would make for her Cricut). The heart is hanging on my pegs above my sewing desk :)

Thank you Tina :) you brightened up my day no-end :)