Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Peg rack

I need to keep myself busy seeing as sewing is out the window till next week soI decided I would make some hooks for my 2 little angel princesses :) My DS2 & DIL are having to live in one room at the moment until they are given a house, hopefully July, and these will go in the girls new bedroom :)
I have made these before and are very quick to do (and I can do them one handed lol). Rebecca's pegs have now been painted with the Farrow & ball Middlelton Pink paint, I just need to find a slightly darker pink for the hearts and to stencil their names on.

I brought a paint pen and had a butterfly stencil to decorate them too :)

While I was doing the girls I made 2 more :)

These are the ones I did last year and Im going to make some of the little bags, like the ones here, to hang on the girls pegs so they can put their hairbands and little bits in (just waiting for the fabric to arrive from ebay).

Im now getting very bad withdrawal symptoms lol.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Just a quick hello

I just wanted to say a quick hello as Im not able to sew :( and show you this nice stawberry fabric that arrived today. I am toying with the idea of making bunting with it but then again I have other idea's for it too lol. I managed to quickly put these scrappy loyalty card wallets together the morning of my op as my sister's and mum all want one after seeing mine :)
The green and yellow spotty buttons were off a duvet cover I got from a charity shop and I could kick myself as there were 2 sets but I only brought one and when I went back for the other one it had gone :(

Only problem is I was in such a hurry to get them done I have sewn one of the elastic loops on the wrong side :( The top one is ok if you need to take the cards out in a hurry lol as it will be upside down, I will have to unpick it when my hand is healed haha. Talking of hand lol here's mine

Stitches come out on the 24th :) :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

Fabric buying (again lol)

I had a wonderful visit to Cromford Mill on Saturday afternoon :)
They had a plant sale on so I thought I would go see if I could get some but as always I was too late, only the dregs left but I did remember the lovely hmo MSE sewing forum telling me about a quilting / fabric shop there so I had to go check it out but before I did I went into have a look in the mill where they were having a craft weekend. I brought these 2 pretty cups for 50p, Im not sure what to do with them yet but they are lovely :) In the antiques room I found these lovely tray clothes £1 each. I thought I could do some cross stiching on them (not done any cross stich for a while now)

Then I made my way to the best shop in the mill lol :) I was like a small kid in a sweet shop the colours of fabric just made me stop, I had no idea where to start as fast as I found one I liked there was another one but in the end I brought these fat quarters and had a lovely chat to the lady who owns the shop :)

The darker fabric is a lovely deep purple :)

I am definitely going back again soon not just for fabric but also as it is such a wonderful place for all craft things and the walks are amazing :)

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Start of my scrappy quilt :)

I have decided it's about time I did something with all the scraps of fabric I have been hoarding. I have sorted them into colour and started to sew they together. This one is all the pinks and greens I had (so far, there probably will be more lol) I have tons of white to sort and sew then the yellows.

Im not sure how big this quilt is going to turn out but I might have to make more than one with the amount of scraps I have.

I am having my left hand op on Tuesday so no sewing again for at least 2 weeks :( but the difference in my right hand is amazing so looking forward to having my left hand done, no more sleepless night due to my hand going dead and no more dropping things lol (I hope).