Monday, 28 February 2011

Udate info :)

Hi everyone :)
As you all know I had an op on my hand so Ive not been able to sew anything :(
It has now been a week (of torture, not my hand but not being able to sew lol) and I have never been so bored lol, Im usually a very active person, always doing something but being right handed even cleaning my teeth has been a challenge with my left lol but being a mum I soon learnt to adapt and being independant my OH got fed up trying to help as I told him to go away I can do it lol (I know I should sit back and let him).
I have sorted my fabric into colour and put into clear shoe boxes so I can see what I have (well as best as I can) I need to buy about another 10 boxes though lol.
I have been getting loads of sewing ideas and I even brought some more fabric :) Oooo my head is busting lol.
The stitches come out of my hand on Thursday so I will be able to see if the sureon was as good at sewing as me lol.
I have the next 2 weeks off work still so Im hoping to start doing a little bit of sewing next week :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More sewing :)

On Friday I am going to hospital to have an op on my right hand (I have carpale tunnel syndrome) so I went to the library to get some books as Im not going to be able to sew for about 2 weeks :(
I found these wonderful books and after a quick look through I think I will have to see if I can buy these as there is so much info and wonderful things to make I think they would be a great addition to my book shelf :) I wont be able to add much to my blog for a while but hopefully I can update you all on things Ive read lol. It might take a while as I will have to type left handed lol.
I had some small pieces of the abc/tape fabric left so I decided to make a craft bag for my big princess when she comes to visit me. It has a front pocket and I put a smaller pocket on the inside too :) now she can keep all her books, stickers and pencils together :) Yesterday I decided to use this fabric that has been sitting in my drawer for too long, my big problem is I just cann't bring my self to cut into lovely fabric, I am getting better at sewing buttercup bags lol, this too me less than an hour to do (even after having to undo the lining bottom as Id forgot to put the magnetic fastener in lol) The bead shop in town has some lovely charms so Ive decided that everything I sew will have little hearts sewn on somewere, I can get silver and gold coloured ones for 8p each, they are very pretty so Ive put a gold colour one on the front of this bag :)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

3 new purses :)

I have done 3 more frame purses :) I just love doing these but I must clean the glue from the frames before taking the pic's lol.
I love the Mabel Lucie Atwell fabric so much I brought a fat quarter in yellow and anothe meter in blue the other day :)
The horse frabric was aleft over piece from my daughter's storage tub I had done for her xmas gift.
I still have more left as the good thing about these purses you only need small amounts of fabric, ideal for using up larger scraps.
These are going on my stall for the craft day at work, I think the horse ones will go ok as the all seem to have or work with horses here in Derbyshire lol.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How I made the glasses case :)

This is how I made my glasses case :)
I couldn't find a tutorial that...1 was easy for me lol and 2 was not the size of a bag.
I found an old glasses case that has been lurking for too long now in one of the drawers and decided to pull it apart to see if I could work out how it was made. Snipping the stitches was easy and I was pleased it was an easy shape to take a pattern from :)
My 1st two cases we made with medium weight interfacing (ironed onto both outer and linning fabric) which was ok if you want somewhere to keep your glasses at home but I thought mine would get damaged in my bag so I used some 2oz wadding I had left over from quilts I have made and it works a dream :)
I pinned around the edges (right sides of fabric together) but left the bottom open
so I could turn it the right way after (a bit like making bags lol).
I knew these chop sticks would come in handy one day lol, they are ideal for getting into the corners. Forgot to say clip the curves before turning (you prob dont realy need to be told but thought I would remind everyone lol)

I folded the side over and ironed it flat then starting on the right side (as you look at pic) I just top stiched all around the edge, I made sure the open seam at the bottom was ironed over so it got sewn together at the same time (Im a bit lazy) when reaching the flap part I just carried on till back to were I started.
All that was left to do was put a snap fastener under the flap to keep it closed (you could use velcro) and I add a small heart charm to everything I make now :) The pin is in place before I put the charm on.
This took about 20mins to make (inbetwen my sneezing fit so please excuse the wonky stitches).
Please feel free to have a go and let me know who you got on (with pic's if poss) or if you need some more info let me know :)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Reading glasses case make today :)

Today my son was off school so I decided to get on with the reading glasses case Ive been wanting to do since my newspaper fabric arrived but as it was so special I thought I would do a trial run 1st using a cotton tea-towel for the outer fabric and an old sheet for the linning. The other problem was finding a pattern I liked, then I found an old glasses case (you know, the ones you get for free from the opticians) in the drawer that Ive not used so I pulled it apart and used it as a template :) I completed it in half an hour and its turned out well. I used interfacing on the reverse of the fabric but I felt it need some padding so the next one I did I used some left over wadding from my quilt wich has made a nice softer case.

I will add some Pic's later of how I made the case :)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

No sew Saturday :(

Today I was going to do a lot of sewing but as usual when I plan things it always goes pear shaped. My OH has had to sort our water tank in the loft because Thursday it decided to leak (on my son's bed) but as the hatch is so small and my OH is a big guy he had to cut the ceiling to make a bigger one, the room has been a mess all day and I couldnt concentrate on any sewing :(
So instead I will share with you the wonderful fabric that arrived in the post :) This stuff I brought off ebay you iron onto fabric to make it wipe cleanable, the seller was such a lovely lady, she phoned me to see how I would like it posted and spent time to explain how to use it :)
This very deep red fabric feels like velvet, it is so beautiful Im not sure if I want to cut it up incase I mess it up lol

I loved this newspaper print fabric when I saw it I just had to buy it :) Also some more Mabel Lucie Atwell type fabric for more frame purses :)

I went into town this morning too and went into the bead shop for some little heart charms to sew onto bags after that I went over to my little fabric shop for some zips and as usual came away with more fabric and some tape so I can print my own labels (well that's if I don't cock it up lol). Im hopeing tomorrow to sew for the craft fair but Im on holiday this week so Im sure to get some thing done sewing wise (Shhhh dont tempt fate lol).
Hope everyones weekend is a good one :)
Sue xx