Tuesday, 29 March 2011

And yet more bags

I love sewing quick and easy bags (as you can tell lol). I made yet another tote bag using some Ikea fabric that Ive had since last year, I love black bags with bright linings at the moment :) I also made these make-up bags using this tutorial
The bag is so quick to make up and better than a straight one. I love the lips fabric, it is a heavier fabric so stands up without interfacing :) it was just right for this bag :)
I back at work now so only weekends to sew again :(

So far I have cut out the pattern pieces ready to sew Saturday. I just love the mini bags too :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bags and more

I have realy loved not working in the evenings, I have been able to sew so many things :) It is not long now till the craft stall for mothers day. I made some more make-up bags in the lovely waffle fabric also with what wwas left over I made another tray, I love these as they are so simple and quick to do :) The storage box was made with left over patchwork squares Ive had laying around for ages, I tried something difernt this time and padded it then added a little bow on the corner but I think it needs another on the opposite corner.
Here are some close-up's :)

I sewed some little pink beads to hide the open corners.

I forgot I had these little glass heart beads :( and they just look so nice on the bags :)
I realy must organise my bead box :(
I loved the beach bag I made the other day so I made another one but this time I put a little flap on the top with a yellow flower button (it supposed to be the sun lol).
The yellow bag used yet another peice of fabric Ive had lurking but not sure what to do with, it turned out a bit long so I thought it could be hung in a kiddies room as a storage bag.
The blue bag has a slightly different stripe fabric lining

This is a buttercup bag (I call it my psycho bag lol) the bright lining real looks good with the black and just makes it a bit more interesting :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

my little bit of seaside bag

When I couldn't do any sewing when my hand was bandaged up I decided to sort through my fabric (I have tons lol) and I came across this seaside fabric I had brought sometimes last year. I loved it but never realy knew how I was going to use it, until yesterday when also found lots of baby blue fabric I had stored in my big wicker basket.
I cut the seaside fabric into strips between the children and I have 4 strips to play with now :) This is a simple little tote bag
A close-up of the middle of the bag :)
The stripey fabric was just right for the lining as it reminds me of deckchairs :)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Little baskets

I have been shopping, its the 1st time on my own since having my hand done, it's not the same with bored OH in tow :(

We have some lovely shops in my little market town, one sells loads of baskets so I just had to get 4 of these as they were only £1.50 each.

Im going to give one to my big Princess with a Easter egg and a ragdoll Im sewing at the moment and one to little Princess with a fabric ball with a bell inside it (well she is only 2 months old lol).

Im not sure what to do with the other 2 yet but they are so sweet :)
I have 2 more weeks off work so I had better get sewing as the craft stall Im going to do at work is in 2 weeks.

Monday, 7 March 2011

HeHe 2 posts in one day.
This is what I got upto this weekend :)
I just love these little pouches as they are so easy to do :)
I have a thing for real girly colours at the moment. I love the pink pindot fabric and it went so well with the waterproof lining Ive had for ages now, I keep trying to get some more but the lady on ebay doesn't seem to stock it any more :( This white waffle with pale pink rosebuds has to be my fav fabric at the moment and I can't get enough of roses :)The ribbons are a pale baby pink but as it was getting dark when I took the pic;s they look peach.I loved this fabric so much Ive ordered some more :)

Another childs drawing bag

Im back sewing again :) my hand is getting better :)
I decided to make another one of the kiddy craft bags and take some pic's as I did. As Im not good at doing tutorials Ive just rattled on (with pic's) on how I did this bag :)
It is easy to do as its basically a simple lined tote bag with extra pocket on the front :)

I cut 2 pieces of outer fabric 14'' x16'' (35.5 x40.5cm) (hearts) and 2 same size (pink) for the lining. I cut 2 strips 4''x26'' (10x66cm) for the handles. I cut a larger front pocket 10'' x 14'' (25 x 40.5cm). The heart peice on the top is the inside pocket 5'' x12'' (12.5 x 30.5cm) here it has been sewn down the middle then sewn onto one of the lining peices. I then put the lining together (pocket on the inside) and sewed around the edge but left a gap at the bottom to turn it later :) I have ironed the handles in half then opened them up to fold the sides in to meet the crease then I ironed it in half again (if you know what I mean lol) I then top stitched both sides :) I hemed the top edge of the large front pocket and placed it on to an outer piece (right side of pocket facing up). I then cut 2 pieces of outer fabric for the pencil pocket 6.5'' x 36'' (16.5 x91cm) also a piece of medium interfacing. I ironed that onto the back of on piece then right sides together I sewed around the edge (leaveing a gap to turn) I then I marked it for the pencils (I followed this tutorial it is marked and sewn onto the large pocket This is the back of the large pocket. Now I put the pockets onto the front of the outer fabric and placed the other bit over it right sides together, just like a tote bag lol. Here it is pinned ready to sew :)

Now turned the right way (and this time the pockets did get sewn into the side seam, the last one I did was too short lol) The handles I put on 2'' (5cm) from the outer edge, I just put a couple of stiches in them to hold them in place. I put the lining over the outer bag then stiched around the top. Then I turned it the right way and ironed the top and top stiched and also stitched the opening in the lining bottom. And here it is finished :)

P.S. I did put a snap fatener on the large pocket to stop it drooping with the pencils in it :)

The lovely Claire ( sent me the lovely heart fabric ages ago and at long last I have been able to show it off to it's best :) I think it is real girly :)