Thursday, 21 July 2011

Simplicity totebag sew along

This is like busses, nothing for ages then 2 in one day lol.
I have signed up for the facebook Simplicity tote bag sew along.
I brought the pattern and cut out the pieces for the tote but then I got scared as I have only ever made bags through tutorials on the net. It looked more complicated than I was prepard for so I chose the easier option, the other bag in the pattern envelope :)
I chose it because it is ver similar to the buttercup bags I have made.
It was a great chance for me to use the wonderful Michael Miller fabric I brought a while back but I wanted the right project before useing.
Here is the 2nd bag, I put fusible interfacing in this to to pad it a bit :)

I even put a little zip pocket into the lining, it is not very big so ideal for dropping some spare chang in lol.

This was the 1st bag I did, I LOVE the fabric and colours, Im going back to the quilt shop in Cromford to buy some more of this as I have had 2 orders after taking it up to my son's school :)Lime green lining :)
All of the bags that the others in the group have made are wonderful, most are in America and I was a bit nervous about posting mine as they sew so beautifully (and very quick lol) but I have had some wonderful kind comments which has made me feel a lot better about my sewing :)

yr6 leavers gifts

Year 6 leavers gifts :)

Yesterday the year 6's at my son's school left for the summer holiday.

There are only 72 kids in the school and as I used to do the breakfast club every morning I know them all :) so I just had to make them something useful to take to high school so I made purses for the girls and wallets for the boys.

I also got them some little booklets from Dawn, this is a lovely lady who I found last year. She was so kind as I only gave her 5 days notice to make 12 booklets, they arrived within 4 days and she included some beautiful gift tags.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

What a mix lol

I just don't know where time is going :(
I have not been up to doing much lately and been feeling sorry for myself so today I have decided to declutter my head and sewing and update my blog :)
1st this pic is my mum's birthday gift (she will now know as she reads this lol)
I wanted to give her something different and as I have a load of these frames (see pic's below lol) I had the idea to put parts of a map into heart. The top heart has where she was born, the second where she was living when she had me and my 2 sisters and the 3rd is where she lives now. The frame was painted with Farrow and Ball paint. I pleased how it turned out :)I was in a charity shop last week and found this lovely little dressing table mirror with a little drawer. I have been after one for ages but they have always been too pricey for me, this one was £1.99 :) I have stared to paint it and hope to put it in my bedroom soon :) Here are some frames I have a addiction to at the moment. I went to a carboot at my mums a few wks back and as we walked around I was picking a frame up frome each lane and as we went around they were getting cheaper lol. The 1st one was £2 for 2 then the last was 10p. These are usually about £4.99 in my local CS's.

I did manage to get some sewing done :) this glases case was for a friend at work, she want it for her sunglasses so the tropical fabric was ideal, I lined it with a cream fabric and put my little heart on the front. Im pleased to say she loves it :) I am going to be doing a craft stall in August and wanted to put some tissue holders on it and when I saw these tissues I had to buy a load to go in them :) The top ones are Emma Bridgewater and the others look like a bundle of notes lol what fun to blow your nose on a £50 note lol.I have still been buying fabric :) but I must not get any more for a while lol the top fabric is to make a kiddy art bag :)I was a bit naughty and had to buy this wonderful fabric, not sure if it shows up but it has a sparkle to it :) I brought it from a seller on Etsy :) I love looking for fabric from America that is not here yet :) Well thats it for now and I hope not to leave it too late before showing you all some more things I have done, brought and painted.