Saturday, 12 November 2011

Im back (again)

and my bogger is playing up :( :( thie xmas tree pic is now above :( and it's taken forever to post this post :(
I am still trying to work where October went. This year has gone so fast.
I have only had a few mins here and there so instead of sitting on my PC I have been trying to do bits of sewing.
I don't have pic's of everything I have done but here are some that I do have lol.
More padded christmas trees, I still have not finished decorating them yet :(

This is a little mini tote bag
I found my waterproof birdie fabric :)
This Hello Kitty bag was made for my daughter's boyfriends sister so she can take her stuff to collage in ;)

This is my bag, well it was about time I had a new one :)
I am going to have a bit more time to myself soon and after christmas will be able to visit more of my lovely followers (and other bloggers)
I am planning a give away for my faithful freinds as a big thank you for sticking with my erattic bloggin
I will be back very soon with the giveaway very, very soon (or as soon as I can work out how to put a giveaway badge on lol).
Sue xxx