Thursday, 29 April 2010

This is a cushion cover I embroidered last year, the center flowers were done with tiny chain stitch.
It had only taken me 15 years to complete hehe.
It was a kit I had brought from Readycut and it was supposed to have a lace edge but when the kit arrived it was cheap horrid cream colour cheap nylon lace so I never used it.

Fabric shop

I have just got back from the lovely little fabric shop I have just discovered in Heage, oh why do I go in.
They do everything including beads and card making stuff so it's a bit like discovering aladins cave lol.
I only wanted a stich un-picker and came out with half a metre of red gingham, still under £3 for the lot :)
I now going to make a lot of little hearts (my fav thing).
This was my 1st attempt at a frame purse and so many more to come as I love doing these.
My next project is to attemp a double purse, if I can get hold of the frames

I made this large purse from a kit I just had to buy from (I just love this place )
They are so easy to do.
I just need to get the hang of the glue part, it is such a messy part hehe.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I made this small bag for my dancing princess. This was more of a pain to do than the bigger bags I have made, it has ballet shoes and a heart and spot patchwork back and is lined in pink (yes it needs ironing) my little angels fav colour :)