Thursday, 29 July 2010

You can make a tiny space a bedroom :)

When I moved in with my OH he only had a 2 bed house (we were going to move but that's another story lol).
We put up a wall in the biggest room to give my then 11 yrs old daughter and 5yr old son their own space. They managed for a few yrs with a make do room but then I decided my daughter should have a pretty room fit for a growing teen.
These are the before and after pic's of her tiny 7ft x 13 ft room, she picked the butterfly wallpaper and we took the doors off the built-in wardrobe then cut the legs off her bunk bed to fit her into it so she had space under the bed for her ever increasing stuff. The wall before and after ( you can just see the edge of the curtain in the door way)
I had some left over paper so revamped her desk.She loves horses so we had to put up this poster (I have since put a frame around it)
This is a before pic of the bed in the wardrobe.
I managed to find a slim line wardrobe so she can now have her clothes in her room and out of mine. The curtain had been in my blanket box ( brought 3 a long time back) and put on the front to keep everything covered and also I put one on the doorway to her part of the room.
I brought a mirror from a CS also the little box under the desk and the tray on top got a paint make-over. I then glued the cork board on the side of the wardrobe so everything is now tidy :)
She has a white roller blind at the window that I made pretty with lilac colour butterfly beads along the bottom (I dont have a pic of this ).
My daughter will be 16 in October and just loves her room :)
This was a dumping before we revamped it lol.
Eat your heart out make-over shows lol.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Magazine table

I got this table from the charity shop I seem to spend most of my money in lol. I had seen it a couple of times when I had gone in but didn't take much notice until it dawn on me it would be useful if I did it up. Only thing wrong with it is it has a wing nut holding one side of the table top post on but I don't care, for £3 I can not complain lol.
This is what it looks like now and hopefully I can post a new look table after this weekend (but don't hold your breath, If I plan things it never goes right so will just hope lol).

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Charity shop & carboot finds

I have been so busy I neglected my blog but now the summer hols are here Im hopeing to keep up to date with it and will be doing a lot of revamping and sewing :)
This little shelf unit was 99p in a charity shop this is how it is now after painting it with Crown flawless powder etiquette paint and a sample of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen wallpaper (thank you Focus hehe). This is the before pic

I went to Silverstone at the weekend to visit my No2 son as he had some tickets for the classic car rally but before we went there my DIL took me to the local carboot where I picked up this great pine corner unit for £12 (I knocked the seller down from £15) it is so heavy (I had to get my son to take it back to the car).
Im not sure where it will go and it needs a good make-over 1st but I love it :)

I also got this neat little box for £3 to keep all my cottons in, this too will get a make-over.

I just wish I had taken more money as I saw a sewing box the I would have loved to do up :( but maybe next time I go I might find another one.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

I just had to buy some of the little packages from here I just LOVE the fabrics :) Fancy Moon is also another wonderful place to buy from, these 2 are going to keep me happy for a long time :) Both fabric heaven lol.
I made a baby blanket for my new grandchild due in Jan next year (Im just so excited this time around I have started makeing baby things lol). I thought the fabric would be suitable for a boy or girl. I backed it with some very soft fleece and put some wadding in between to pad it.

I brought some lovely fabric from Fancy Moon as recommended by Kandi. I could not resist the owl fabric but Im not sure what I will make with it yet :)

I have been feeling a bit down the last few weeks as time is flying and I have not done any sewing but 2 days ago I received a package in the post from the lovely Kandi I had responded to her Pay it forward request and this beautiful package is what she sent me :) Thank you very much Kandi :)

. Inside the little drawstring bag is some lovely buttons, this will hang on my recycled hooks I made and also the little purse had a Union Jack shooping trolly token :).

Monday, 12 July 2010

My sewing box

Mum let me sort through all the lace and ribbons she said was not suitable for her card making :)

I went to my mum's for the weekend and remembered to bring home the sewing box that she said I could have last time I was there. It was my nan's box so Im realy happy to have it (I was born on my nan's birthday and was very close to her).

It had all the bits you can see in it too (thread, pins, needles, zips and a pin cushion).

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

school leavers

I help out in my son's school every morning doing the toast club, I have been doing it every morning for 3 years now and as it's a small school I soon get to know all the children.
Well it's that time of the year again when we say goodbye to the year 6 leavers, this year it's only 5 going but I always get them something to say hope their new school years go as well as the last six have done.
This year it has been a nightmare finding something I could give them as every gift I have seen is for children to give to teachers, well it was until I found this wonderful site .

It was just by chance and lots of looking I came across the website and I have added it to my fav's for next year too :)

They are ideal for girls and boys and Dawn has kindly let me tell you about her site and has said if any one wants to order from her to just email her and mention my name and she will give you a discount on your order.
This is such a lovely idea and would be great for even teen leavers.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday, a sewing day :)

I decided with my mucky lot that black would be better for the backs lol.
This is the front of the cushions, I had to make the inside pads as I get carried away and seem to make my covers too big lol

Today I have had some time to myself to sew :)
I made another skirt from the pillow case I brought from a CS along with a kingsize duvet cover, it is such a fresh summery fabric :)
I also managed to finish 2 of the 3 cushion covers (I will finish the last one tonight) I started with left over squares from my quilt :)
Now my dull beige sofa is brighter.