Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Bedroom swap

I have been busy swapping rooms with my son now my lovely daughter has moved into her new home with her partner.

We live in a small 2 bed cottage so we had put a partition wall in the bedroom for my son and daughter.

This all had to go :)  I luckly kept the pine doors to the wardrobe and they are now back on for me to use, I need them to hide all my mess and clothes lol.

My son has a new bed, he hated his cabin bed.  All that it left to do is decorate but Im not doing it till after christmas so it gives me time to work out what colour to paint my room :) so many idea's in my head :)
start of the bedroom swap
Daughters side
shelves removed
All the mess and carpet to be removed
My bed before the swap
 My bed after, two tone bedroom lol
Wardrobe doors put back on
 Chest of drawers moved into my room
My son making himself comfi on his new bed