Thursday, 29 April 2010

This was my 1st attempt at a frame purse and so many more to come as I love doing these.
My next project is to attemp a double purse, if I can get hold of the frames

I made this large purse from a kit I just had to buy from (I just love this place )
They are so easy to do.
I just need to get the hang of the glue part, it is such a messy part hehe.


  1. I love these purses Sue. My sister now wants me to make her one. Would you recommend the sew in frames? I dont think that me and glue would be a good combination!

  2. Thank you Pootle :)

    I have never tried the sew in frames (I will have to give it a go though) so not realy sure but if you glue one side in 1st and let that dry it is easier to get it in the frame without too much mess and it can be picked off later lol