Thursday, 12 August 2010

Update on my kitchen

The jug and oil/vineger/salt &pepper set were from the CS I always have to visit lol.

This is an update on my kitchen as Ive not had time to sew :(
The paper is Laura Ashley Rajput, brick/cream I got off ebay for £3 +£3.95 a roll. I love it as it looks so good with the cream.


  1. That looks great Sue! Love the wallpaper. Really goes well. Am jealous of how creative you are!!

    Claire xx

  2. Thank you Claire :) I wish I had more time to be even more crafty lol

  3. Hart - Your kitchen is looking lovely! I'm so shocked that you have painted inside and out! Well done looking forward to seeing the final photos x x x

  4. It's looking fabulous! You can't do everything though so dont fret about the sewing.
    Kandi x