Sunday, 1 August 2010

Blue and white quilt finished

My blue and white patchwork quilt is now finished.
I made it from the Ralph Lauren valance sheet from the CS.
It took a lot longer than the last one I did as I cut all the squares and then decided to use a good wadding so had to wait for it to arrive from Ebay (Hobbs cotton batting)
I wanted to put a binding on this one and spent last night hand sewing the back on (sore fingers now lol).
It's not perfect but Im realy pleased with it)
I have enough blue sqaures to make a small patchwork quilt to match.


  1. Oh wow! Thats fantastic I love that it's made from recycled (designer!)fabric. It must have taken ages I am really impressed.
    Kandi x

  2. Thank you Kandi :)
    I just love patchwork but still need to get some of the squares to match up but Im getting there lol.

  3. Fantastic, I just love blue & white together

  4. That is stunning Hart well done x