Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Peg rack

I need to keep myself busy seeing as sewing is out the window till next week soI decided I would make some hooks for my 2 little angel princesses :) My DS2 & DIL are having to live in one room at the moment until they are given a house, hopefully July, and these will go in the girls new bedroom :)
I have made these before and are very quick to do (and I can do them one handed lol). Rebecca's pegs have now been painted with the Farrow & ball Middlelton Pink paint, I just need to find a slightly darker pink for the hearts and to stencil their names on.

I brought a paint pen and had a butterfly stencil to decorate them too :)

While I was doing the girls I made 2 more :)

These are the ones I did last year and Im going to make some of the little bags, like the ones here, to hang on the girls pegs so they can put their hairbands and little bits in (just waiting for the fabric to arrive from ebay).

Im now getting very bad withdrawal symptoms lol.


  1. I like these! maybe pegs on the sewing room wall, with hanging bags for some of my accessories would be an idea!

  2. Looking forward to seeing these done! Incredible that you can make them with only one hand though! That is determination. Mind you, I think if I was handless I would manage to craft somehow I would go crazy otherwise, I wonder if I could crochet with my feet? Hope you are on the mend and soon back to normal.
    Kandi x

  3. They look nice, you are determined arn't you!
    Bet the bags will look really pretty hanging from them.