Monday, 9 May 2011

Fabric buying (again lol)

I had a wonderful visit to Cromford Mill on Saturday afternoon :)
They had a plant sale on so I thought I would go see if I could get some but as always I was too late, only the dregs left but I did remember the lovely hmo MSE sewing forum telling me about a quilting / fabric shop there so I had to go check it out but before I did I went into have a look in the mill where they were having a craft weekend. I brought these 2 pretty cups for 50p, Im not sure what to do with them yet but they are lovely :) In the antiques room I found these lovely tray clothes £1 each. I thought I could do some cross stiching on them (not done any cross stich for a while now)

Then I made my way to the best shop in the mill lol :) I was like a small kid in a sweet shop the colours of fabric just made me stop, I had no idea where to start as fast as I found one I liked there was another one but in the end I brought these fat quarters and had a lovely chat to the lady who owns the shop :)

The darker fabric is a lovely deep purple :)

I am definitely going back again soon not just for fabric but also as it is such a wonderful place for all craft things and the walks are amazing :)


  1. Lovely fabrics. My favourite has to be the butterfly one. We went for a long weekend in Derbyshire recently and stayed in Cromford! Bah - wish I'd known about the Mill and its shops!

  2. I love the fabric with butterflies on! Good find!

    C x

  3. I have the green eyed monster looking at your fabrics, no wonder you're itching to get going again.