Saturday, 9 July 2011

What a mix lol

I just don't know where time is going :(
I have not been up to doing much lately and been feeling sorry for myself so today I have decided to declutter my head and sewing and update my blog :)
1st this pic is my mum's birthday gift (she will now know as she reads this lol)
I wanted to give her something different and as I have a load of these frames (see pic's below lol) I had the idea to put parts of a map into heart. The top heart has where she was born, the second where she was living when she had me and my 2 sisters and the 3rd is where she lives now. The frame was painted with Farrow and Ball paint. I pleased how it turned out :)I was in a charity shop last week and found this lovely little dressing table mirror with a little drawer. I have been after one for ages but they have always been too pricey for me, this one was £1.99 :) I have stared to paint it and hope to put it in my bedroom soon :) Here are some frames I have a addiction to at the moment. I went to a carboot at my mums a few wks back and as we walked around I was picking a frame up frome each lane and as we went around they were getting cheaper lol. The 1st one was £2 for 2 then the last was 10p. These are usually about £4.99 in my local CS's.

I did manage to get some sewing done :) this glases case was for a friend at work, she want it for her sunglasses so the tropical fabric was ideal, I lined it with a cream fabric and put my little heart on the front. Im pleased to say she loves it :) I am going to be doing a craft stall in August and wanted to put some tissue holders on it and when I saw these tissues I had to buy a load to go in them :) The top ones are Emma Bridgewater and the others look like a bundle of notes lol what fun to blow your nose on a £50 note lol.I have still been buying fabric :) but I must not get any more for a while lol the top fabric is to make a kiddy art bag :)I was a bit naughty and had to buy this wonderful fabric, not sure if it shows up but it has a sparkle to it :) I brought it from a seller on Etsy :) I love looking for fabric from America that is not here yet :) Well thats it for now and I hope not to leave it too late before showing you all some more things I have done, brought and painted.


  1. Lovely pictures I love your map heart idea I bet your mum loves it xx

  2. Love the heart map that is such a lovely idea :)

    I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award here:


  3. Love the map picture. Ingenius, and so are the tissues.

  4. What a wonderful idea for your mum she will absolutely love if for sure. Brilliant sunglass case your friend will think it's fab. Wonder what you are going to do with all that fabric? I've always got space for more :0P