Thursday, 21 July 2011

Simplicity totebag sew along

This is like busses, nothing for ages then 2 in one day lol.
I have signed up for the facebook Simplicity tote bag sew along.
I brought the pattern and cut out the pieces for the tote but then I got scared as I have only ever made bags through tutorials on the net. It looked more complicated than I was prepard for so I chose the easier option, the other bag in the pattern envelope :)
I chose it because it is ver similar to the buttercup bags I have made.
It was a great chance for me to use the wonderful Michael Miller fabric I brought a while back but I wanted the right project before useing.
Here is the 2nd bag, I put fusible interfacing in this to to pad it a bit :)

I even put a little zip pocket into the lining, it is not very big so ideal for dropping some spare chang in lol.

This was the 1st bag I did, I LOVE the fabric and colours, Im going back to the quilt shop in Cromford to buy some more of this as I have had 2 orders after taking it up to my son's school :)Lime green lining :)
All of the bags that the others in the group have made are wonderful, most are in America and I was a bit nervous about posting mine as they sew so beautifully (and very quick lol) but I have had some wonderful kind comments which has made me feel a lot better about my sewing :)


  1. How strange! I was in John Lewis today looking for bag patterns and spotted this one but it was out of stock! :( Looks brilliant. Well done. Really love the fabric. x

  2. These look so lovely! I adore the fabrics in the first one :)


  3. Gorgeous bags Hart, I am not surprised you got orders as they are beautiful!

  4. Don't be nervous about posting yours they are brilliant. The colours are nice and the lining matches perfectly. Not suprised that you got orders.