Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lovely Claire's giveaway

I had to post a blog about Lovely Claire, sorry Claire not stalking you lol.
She has been sewing some wonderful pincushions and has a giveaway here

Me being totaly useless at this blog thing had to post the link as I can not get my head sorted (lack of time again) to put it on my side bar on my blog.

We started off on MSE in the sewing room over a year ago and have kept each other going both of us learning along the way :)

I don't always get to post a comment on her blog but I always keep up :)

I made a few friends through my sewing and one day will give up work to do more but until then I love seeing Claire's lovely things and want to wish you lots of luck with you house Claire :)


  1. Thank you my dear friend. xxx

  2. Lovely post Hart, aand yep the MSE group is very supportive