Thursday, 11 August 2011

More bags and sewing

Yet again time has run away from me :(

I am hopeing (fingers crossed) that the job interveiw I have for the 18th will go my way as I can have my evenings back :)

It is only when I post pic's here that I realise how much sewing I actually fit into my very busy days lol. This is a new project I want to get started on, I brought these Clover flower makers a few wks ago and Ive still yet to find time to do them.

I made some little loot bags for my money tissues to sell on the craft stall I am doing at the end of August.

I found the fabric amongst my stash that I brought last year and forgot about. I thought there was enough of the pink fabric for a bag but there was not so I decided to make it a reversable bag with the blue and pink with pockets on opposite sides :)

Pink side

Blue side

I made some little make-up bags with the last piece of this fabric, it is so pretty, I got it from

This one is the last of my waterproof bird fabric :( Im not sure if I can get any more

I at long last made some fabric tubs from the SewHip mag :) the felt fabric was from the charity shop for £1.50, there was nearly 2 meters, the denim look fabric was a duvet cover I found in the same shop. The tubs were very quick and easy to make so I will be doing more of these in different sizes :)

Well that's it for now . Thank you for putting up with my ramblings :)


  1. Jings you have been busy! I honestly dont know how you fit it all in. Lovely makes as always Sue. Your fabric boxes look great too and what a bargain with all that felt for £1.50. Result!! x

  2. Great makes, and good luck with the interview.xx

  3. Gosh you have been busy. I'm interested to see what you do with the flower making kit. Love your makes.