Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bags and christmas

I am realy getting behind with blogging, I just seem to work and sleep but I have managed to do a little sewing :)

This bag I made for my lovely sister Kath as she is very special to me and has a lot on her plate at the moment so I wanted to cheer her up with her fav colour and I knew this pattern I brought from here was ideal.The front fabric is a very deep purple with black and is so rich it almosts looks like velvet in real life
The pockets were a challenge but not too difficult so I was pleased when they went on correctly lol

This fabric was brought from my local fabric shop and it just had to go inside her bag.

It reminds me of sweets lol.

I made these little mini shopping bags for my darling grandaughters to hang on the peg hooks I made a while back.

They have after 7 months going to have a new bedroom :)

My son and darling daughter-in-law are at last getting a house after spending 7 months in one room with shared bathroom. They rented a flat but when the landlady wanted to sell it they had to go in to temp accommodation but as of last week they have now moved into a brand new 2 bed house and I am going to see it tomorrow.

This christmas tree is for them I made it from a Mccall's christmas pattern I brought last year but had not used. I had to cut 6 tree shapes then sew it down the middle, that was the easy part , it seemed to take forever stuffing it lol.

It turned out bigger than I thought but it does look good with the bells and ribbons on it :)

I am now planning more sewing as I have 2 craft fairs to get ready for, one in Nov and one in Dec so I will have to think about some stocking filler/pocket money size items
I am also doing extra shifts at work so never sure when I can have 5 mins to myself :(

Thank you to all you lovely followers that stick with me, I love it to know you are there :)


  1. I love your 241 Tote!
    I'm going to have to buy the pattern and make one myself!!

  2. Love your Xmas and your bags are lovely too! Sure your sister will love the purple one. Its really funky! You might get quite a few ideas for little stocking filler bits and pieces on Pinterest if you have a look. There are loads of tutorials. Warning - its addictive!!! x

  3. I just love the lining fabric for your sis's bag! Glad to hear your son and family are finally moving into their new home x