Friday, 10 February 2012

I have at last got a giveaway for my lovely blog followers :)

This is my very 1st giveaway so not sure what Im doing  but it's been a long time comeing and hopefull I will get better lol.

 This was not easy to get a button set up but thanks to my little PC geek and lovely Claire It is hopefull working :)

I am giveing away this little package, A little basket with £20 note tissues, some pale peachy pink lace, rose buds, 2 rose mini candles and some baby pink, white and pink/green fringing.  3 handmade by me hearts. I am also adding a suprise package but Im not telling you what it will be lol :)
 Scroll down for rules :)

To be in with a chance of winning this package....

Tell me what  colour you mostly get drawn to for sewing :)   are you a romantic, girly, bright or modern :)
Also if you have added my button to your blog then leave me a second comment to say you have done it :)
    As you might guess I love hearts and roses :)


  1. I only noticed the other day that the colour I appear to have most in my stash is pinks which I must admit surprised me. I have added your button to my blog.

  2. Thank you Gill for entering :) I have had a fabric sort out and find I have lots of red (my fav) but also as Ive got older I have been drawn to pinks lol (I never was a girly girl when younger).
    Sue xx

  3. Hi
    I'm definately a girlie girl, I'm just starting to collect lots of materials so that I can start to make a Quilt - never attempted anything like it before but hey ho you never know, it may turn out good, might take me a few years though lol

    Helen x

  4. My favourite colour is red, but I actually don't own any red fabrics. I go for the print more than the colour and as I have picked up a lot of bits from the carboot/charity shops my stash is pretty random lol. I have blogged about your giveaway.

  5. I love blues and greens - at least that's the colours I have most of in my small stash!

  6. I found you via Tammy's blog...I love bright modern flowers so much, in fact too much according to my family! Nice to meet you