Thursday, 9 February 2012

my nan's birthday

Today is my 50th birthday but Im not going to tell you about that because today my very much missed nana Hart would have been 100 years old.
This amazing and beautiful lady was haveing her 50th birthday when I arrived.

The photo is my nan and Grandad on their wedding day.
They fell in love but had a lot of family against them getting married so they did the only thing they could to be together, nan got pregnant.

They went on to have 6 girls and a boy, my mum has told me stories of how happy they were and
Grandad (who I sadly never met as he died when my mum was 14) had the most bright blue eyes (my cousin K has beautiful blue eyes so maybe she inherited them from him. It was his job as a game keeper that he got weil's disease and never recovered.
My nan always a strong lady had to bring up 3 young (my uncle S was only a baby ) children on her own.
She never bothered with another man again but concentrated on giving all the love she could to the family.
As she grew older she never complained of aches or pains, she never judged me when I got pregnant at 171/2 and left my bully boyfriend to go home, in fact we had a long talk and she told me if I wanted to talk she would be there for me.
This pic is my nan and Aunt P, I always laugh at this pic as nan looks a bit stern.
I know she loved going over to Canada to see My lovely Aunt M and my cousin J.

 I can not belive she went to be with my Grandad nearly 27 years ago, I still miss her so much especially on our birthday.
My nan like things neat and tidy and knew just where everything was, you could blindfold her and she would be able to go to what she wanted, I have the same habbit, I can go in the dark and know exactly where my work T-shirts are and were my good t-shirts are.

My nan has always been my strength and Im sure she keeps me going when sometime I just want to give up. After all if she could go through what she did then I can cope in today's world after all I am her birthday present :)


I am going to do a give away tomorrow to thank you for sticking with me (was going to be today but after writing this Im a bit sad) so until tomorrow.

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  1. Aww happy birthday to you both!
    I hope today comes with more happiness than sadness, I'm sure she wouldn't want that for you .
    Kandi x