Thursday, 29 July 2010

You can make a tiny space a bedroom :)

When I moved in with my OH he only had a 2 bed house (we were going to move but that's another story lol).
We put up a wall in the biggest room to give my then 11 yrs old daughter and 5yr old son their own space. They managed for a few yrs with a make do room but then I decided my daughter should have a pretty room fit for a growing teen.
These are the before and after pic's of her tiny 7ft x 13 ft room, she picked the butterfly wallpaper and we took the doors off the built-in wardrobe then cut the legs off her bunk bed to fit her into it so she had space under the bed for her ever increasing stuff. The wall before and after ( you can just see the edge of the curtain in the door way)
I had some left over paper so revamped her desk.She loves horses so we had to put up this poster (I have since put a frame around it)
This is a before pic of the bed in the wardrobe.
I managed to find a slim line wardrobe so she can now have her clothes in her room and out of mine. The curtain had been in my blanket box ( brought 3 a long time back) and put on the front to keep everything covered and also I put one on the doorway to her part of the room.
I brought a mirror from a CS also the little box under the desk and the tray on top got a paint make-over. I then glued the cork board on the side of the wardrobe so everything is now tidy :)
She has a white roller blind at the window that I made pretty with lilac colour butterfly beads along the bottom (I dont have a pic of this ).
My daughter will be 16 in October and just loves her room :)
This was a dumping before we revamped it lol.
Eat your heart out make-over shows lol.


  1. Ah I bet she loves it! I had some funny images in my head of her sleeping in the wardrobe until I saw the pictures!! :)

  2. Hehe, she now keeps her room clean and we used to tell her at bed time to get in her cuboard lol.

  3. Aww how lovely!! Bet she loves it!! -PootleFlump x

  4. Wow thats a great use of a small space, it looks lovely, the wallpaper is beautiful!
    My 15 year old son has the smallest bedroom too out of choice and he loves it.
    Kandi x