Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beautiful gifts

I had some beautiful gifts arrive in the post Friday but as I was rushing out of the door to go to Norfolk I didn't get to open it until I came back Tuesday.

The lovely Tina sent them to cheer me up after my hand op :)
I have loved everything she has made and her blog is a delight to visit :) The beautiful card has a stitched heart (she knows me well lol)
Opened up they revealed a pretty tin with a flower lid inside were the lemon melts she has made, they smell devine, I have one in my oil burner on the shelf above my PC now and I love it :)

Wrapped in very pretty fabric and tied with a cream ribbon was a perfect little note book :) I will be using it a lot for my sewing info as I keep loosing the scraps of paper I scribble things down on (like the measurements for a cover I told my mum I would make for her Cricut). The heart is hanging on my pegs above my sewing desk :)

Thank you Tina :) you brightened up my day no-end :)


  1. Gorgeous bits Tina is mega talented!
    Kandi x

  2. Wow! What lovely gifts!

    C x

  3. some lovely things. Hope you enjoyed you trip.