Sunday, 26 June 2011

Im back again

I just don't know where the time is going :(
I have been back at work since Tuesday and Ive already gone into auto-pilot mode :(
The good news is I have done some sewing, oh and still buying fabric lol, here are some pic's :)
One of the ladies on MSE sewing room put a pattern for a stuffed xmas tree on so I had to hunt out my christmas fabric to make one lol. I had forgotten about the MM fabric I had brought last year so I just had to use it :) The little bells were out of my jewelry box, Im think I might put some ribbon on the top to hang it with.

When I saw this fabric on ebay I just had to buy it but what I will use it for Im not sure yet

More fabric :) the cotton lace I brought for a £1 at Cromford Mill in the antiques shop :) the swirly fabric is Michael Miller that I got from a seller on Etsy, it arrived quickly from America as I could not find it here. I decided to go back to basics and use a flat sheet I had been given to make a basic tote bag, I put a zip pocket in the back as Im now getting better at doing these lol. It will be ideal for the beach for the usual bits :) if we ever get a summer though :(
I am going to be doing a craft stall at the end of August so I had better get my finger out and sew also my mum said the beautician she goes to liked my Amile bag I made for her that she is going to sell some smaller bits for me in her salon so Ive got some make-up bags to make too :)


  1. Love the Christmas Tree! You do know it is only June right?

    That fabric is gorgeous would make a lovely tote bag because the design wouldn't be hidden and you could really show it off :)

    The bag is great I am impressed with your zip I still haven't tried zips like that.

  2. Love all those fabrics - putting zips in well is something I really need to practise

  3. Love the fabric you bought on ebay! christmas tree is fab! glad you are back sewing again