Friday, 10 January 2014


 I can not believe how fast this week has gone, it is Friday already :O
Monday was my Grandson Oskar's (little treasure) 1st birthday How fast the year has gone too :O
 He never stops smiling :)

I had been so lucky to be by my daughters side when he came into the world, she even bit my head off when I kept telling her not long now haha.
 These pic's were taken just before his 1st Christmas with his mum
 Think he liked the flashing lights on the hat lol
 I found this little bag at my local charity shop for Oskar
 I was very pleased to see it was complete with all the little things for each letter of the alphabet.
 This week my Seamstar craft box arrived. I just love every box Ive received so far, well worth the money :)
 This months make is 2 cute heart key rings + fabric, ribbons and buttons to make my own project creation :)

Just can't wait for the plaster to come off my hand so I can start sewing again and typing with both hands again too lol x


  1. Oh my word he is a real beauty! Those eyes and that hair, you must be smitten with him. I love his name too I always have, I called my kitten Oskar as I can't have any more kids to name :)
    That alphabet bag was a lucky find wasn't it I'm impressed that its complete too, its making me think I could make something similar for my god daughter or maybe for advent, you have got my brain cogs whirring now, can you smell the smoke lol xx

    1. Thank you Kandi :) yes he melts my heart every time I see him ;)
      I took the measurement of the bag, like you my cogs whirred around my head lol would be good to make a colour or number bag :) x