Saturday, 18 January 2014

What i did this week :)

It is her 50th birthday on the 27th and as my hand is still plastered I am unable to sew the bag I had in mind for her :(   Purple is her fav colour and she has this odd obsession with gnomes :O so this fabric was perfect for her.  
I normally take about an hour from start to finish making these but this one took over 5 hrs lol
 I found the lining fabric after a big sort out and had to use it before it got buried again
While I was having a big tidy of all my fabric I decided I needed a very large storage tub for my WIP stuff so I made this tub to keep on my table :)

 It now has more in it than this now lol

I managed a morning in town Monday, I have to get the train as driving is still a no no :(
This lovely box was in the 1st charity shop I went into and then I found the little bag of wooden alphabet beads

Space for my sewing machine feet and bits I need to put my hand to straight away instead of spending 10 mins looking for them

 I was thrilled to bits to buy it for £3.99

 If there are a few I tend to buy the lot even if they are the same clours lol

 This lovely table cloth kit was given to me when the manager found out I also love embroidery.

Before Christmas I went into Alfreton (Derbyshire) with my Daughter and just had to buy this sewing box for £14.  I hope in the summer to paint it and put a transfer from the Graphics Fairy  on to it but I still can't make up my mind what so it's a good job I have a while before painting it lol

 Is it me or does any one else plan to do so much then a new magazine arrives in the post and the kettle goes on and that's it lol I am now off to read my Homemade mag and prob as it's 11am I won't get much more done today as I have to look after my Grandson so my Daughter can go see a movie :)
Hope everyone's weekend goes how they want :)

Best wishes,
Sue x


  1. Some great CS finds!
    I love your sewing box!

  2. Thank you Gill :)
    I am always like a kid in a sweet shop when I go in to charity shops and even happier if I find sewing things :) x

  3. Lovely to meet you again at the crafts fair. Absolutely love your bags. My daughter Emily loves hers that she takes it everywhere :-)
    Penny x