Thursday, 2 January 2014

Starting again

I have been so bad and not kept up with my blog but that is going to change in 2014 :)
Not a good start to the new year as I had another op just before Christmas so my hand is in plaster until 22nd of Jan.  My son want to write on my plaster so what did he write but 'James is awesome' :O boy's ! haha.

Although 2013 start so well, my daughter gave birth to my lovely Grandson on the 6th of Jan 2013 and I was there to see him come into the world :)  it then went down hill hence the lack of blogging.

I won't go into too much detail but my daughter is now on her own with my little man but on the good side is she has a house very close to me now :)  My OH lost his job again but is now back in work so I don't have to work all the over time I had to do now.

I have done some sewing and I am selling my bags in my friends fabric shop Buttons and Bow in Belper I also sew for the Derbyshire Air Ambulance charity shop.

I have signed up for Bag of the month club where each month I get a designer bag pattern.  I signed up in Dec so only paid £21 for the 6 pattern, this months pattern is from which I am looking forward to doing as soon as I can.  I have been going through all my fabric and getting everything ready :)  I love this 1st pattern :)

 I have made a big decision to quit working as a cleaner at the school my son goes to and start concentrating on my sewing instead not only because I can earn as much sewing as I can a cleaner but also for the sake of my body, Im not getting any younger lol.

Well I hope to share lots of projects soon and will catch up with all my neglected friends.

Best wishes and Happy New Year xx



  1. Welcome back. It seems that 2013 has been a less than positive year for many of us. Wishing you a happier and more prosperous 2014. xxx

    1. Thank you :) I think there are a lot of us glad to see the back of last yr too.
      I have a good feeling 2014 is going to be a lot better x

  2. Wow welcome back what a year you have had! Lovely to hear about the new baby and great news with the change of jobs I can see you would be so much happier sewing than cleaning! Hope your hand is soon on the mend too, love the message on there xx

  3. Thank you Lisa :) I am going to enjoy this year. I have popped on your blog to catch up now and again but Im rubbish at comments lol that is all going to change :) xx