Monday, 14 March 2011

my little bit of seaside bag

When I couldn't do any sewing when my hand was bandaged up I decided to sort through my fabric (I have tons lol) and I came across this seaside fabric I had brought sometimes last year. I loved it but never realy knew how I was going to use it, until yesterday when also found lots of baby blue fabric I had stored in my big wicker basket.
I cut the seaside fabric into strips between the children and I have 4 strips to play with now :) This is a simple little tote bag
A close-up of the middle of the bag :)
The stripey fabric was just right for the lining as it reminds me of deckchairs :)


  1. Thats lovely Sue! Reminds me of a day out at the beach (when it isnt raining!) Lovely fabrics as usual! x

  2. Oh wow that fabric is just precious! Like Pootle said I can see it as a beach bag with a towel and cossie and a good book in, oh I'm longing for Summer now aren't you?
    Kandi x

  3. I feel a little home sick for the sea when I look at this but I just love it too lol. Roll on summer :)

  4. I love things with a seaside theme, they always make me smile.

  5. Thats a great tote! Did you use a pattern? Or whip it up yourself? Looks like you boxed the corners. I love it.

    Thanks for coming by today. Glad you found my blog!


  6. I love it, so fresh and clean looking too x

  7. Thank you everyone :) The colour is not as fresh and baby blue looking in the pic as real life :(
    I must get a decent camera lol xx