Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bags and more

I have realy loved not working in the evenings, I have been able to sew so many things :) It is not long now till the craft stall for mothers day. I made some more make-up bags in the lovely waffle fabric also with what wwas left over I made another tray, I love these as they are so simple and quick to do :) The storage box was made with left over patchwork squares Ive had laying around for ages, I tried something difernt this time and padded it then added a little bow on the corner but I think it needs another on the opposite corner.
Here are some close-up's :)

I sewed some little pink beads to hide the open corners.

I forgot I had these little glass heart beads :( and they just look so nice on the bags :)
I realy must organise my bead box :(
I loved the beach bag I made the other day so I made another one but this time I put a little flap on the top with a yellow flower button (it supposed to be the sun lol).
The yellow bag used yet another peice of fabric Ive had lurking but not sure what to do with, it turned out a bit long so I thought it could be hung in a kiddies room as a storage bag.
The blue bag has a slightly different stripe fabric lining

This is a buttercup bag (I call it my psycho bag lol) the bright lining real looks good with the black and just makes it a bit more interesting :)


  1. How busy have you been! They all look brilliant. Wonder if you should make some of your fab colouring bags so that they can spend some money on the kids whilst they are spending money on themselves too? I think little mini ones would be lovely. I know its a mothers day thing but if the kids like what they see it will draw more attention to your stall!

  2. That is a great idea, thank you Pootle :)
    My mum gave me a few boxes of crayons she had brought and never used as gifts so I will get on with some this weekend :)

  3. that black bag is great, almost conservative but with a wild side.

  4. I love the storage box and the bags- just lovely! Where did you get that wonderful waffle fabric?

  5. The lovely waffle fabric comes from this delightful seller on Ebay (I can't resist her wonder fabric's)
    6008rena, her shop is called Fabric*garden :)