Monday, 7 March 2011

Another childs drawing bag

Im back sewing again :) my hand is getting better :)
I decided to make another one of the kiddy craft bags and take some pic's as I did. As Im not good at doing tutorials Ive just rattled on (with pic's) on how I did this bag :)
It is easy to do as its basically a simple lined tote bag with extra pocket on the front :)

I cut 2 pieces of outer fabric 14'' x16'' (35.5 x40.5cm) (hearts) and 2 same size (pink) for the lining. I cut 2 strips 4''x26'' (10x66cm) for the handles. I cut a larger front pocket 10'' x 14'' (25 x 40.5cm). The heart peice on the top is the inside pocket 5'' x12'' (12.5 x 30.5cm) here it has been sewn down the middle then sewn onto one of the lining peices. I then put the lining together (pocket on the inside) and sewed around the edge but left a gap at the bottom to turn it later :) I have ironed the handles in half then opened them up to fold the sides in to meet the crease then I ironed it in half again (if you know what I mean lol) I then top stitched both sides :) I hemed the top edge of the large front pocket and placed it on to an outer piece (right side of pocket facing up). I then cut 2 pieces of outer fabric for the pencil pocket 6.5'' x 36'' (16.5 x91cm) also a piece of medium interfacing. I ironed that onto the back of on piece then right sides together I sewed around the edge (leaveing a gap to turn) I then I marked it for the pencils (I followed this tutorial it is marked and sewn onto the large pocket This is the back of the large pocket. Now I put the pockets onto the front of the outer fabric and placed the other bit over it right sides together, just like a tote bag lol. Here it is pinned ready to sew :)

Now turned the right way (and this time the pockets did get sewn into the side seam, the last one I did was too short lol) The handles I put on 2'' (5cm) from the outer edge, I just put a couple of stiches in them to hold them in place. I put the lining over the outer bag then stiched around the top. Then I turned it the right way and ironed the top and top stiched and also stitched the opening in the lining bottom. And here it is finished :)

P.S. I did put a snap fatener on the large pocket to stop it drooping with the pencils in it :)

The lovely Claire ( sent me the lovely heart fabric ages ago and at long last I have been able to show it off to it's best :) I think it is real girly :)

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  1. What a lovely bag Sue! Glad you like the fabric. It goes lovely with the coordinating pink fabric you have used! Great tutorial too. Well done you!!! x