Tuesday, 29 March 2011

And yet more bags

I love sewing quick and easy bags (as you can tell lol). I made yet another tote bag using some Ikea fabric that Ive had since last year, I love black bags with bright linings at the moment :) I also made these make-up bags using this tutorial
The bag is so quick to make up and better than a straight one. I love the lips fabric, it is a heavier fabric so stands up without interfacing :) it was just right for this bag :)
I back at work now so only weekends to sew again :(

So far I have cut out the pattern pieces ready to sew Saturday. I just love the mini bags too :)


  1. I absolutely love your bags, I had a look at the toot but as soon as I saw the word ZIP I scarpered. Maybe one day I'll be brave enough.

  2. They are just lovely I like that pattern. It's a shame you are back to work so soon, are you fit and well again, all healed up?
    Kandi x

  3. Loving the black and yellow one (and love the lips fabric as you know.) Fab makes again Sue. You are always busy at that machine!! You put me to shame! x

  4. Thank you :)
    Kandi :) my hand is so much better now, I can't wait to get the other hand done now :)
    I hate being back at work but needs must lol anyway they are lost without me lol.
    Pootle :) It's great when you don't work, you can get a lot done but I won't be as busy now :(
    Sue xx

  5. Thanks for sharing your bag making. I am going to try out the tutorial you mentioned. Will be back soon for more inspiration xx