Saturday, 30 April 2011

Matlock Bath walk

Friday 29th of April I took my son and my little dog Max to Matlock Bath. I had to drop my daughter off at Cromford for work 1st.
I forget how beautiful Matlock Bath is in the Spring/summer. This is a beautiful brige going over to the park gardens :) From there we always do the Lovers walk, great if you are young and fit but Im not either lol. The walk takes you up loads of steps to the top of a hill but luckly there are hand rails to help get you up :)

On this walk there are lots of little nooks and cranies to explore, even the dog loves it as I can let him off his lead ( he is trained to stop when I tell him too lol).

This pic of my son and Max is just the start

My son loves this bit where we find the old building :)

Talk about poser lol

I am fascinated by the green of the leaves and the grey of the rock on the walk.

This is the view at the top :) scary but safe :) in the distance is Gullivers Kingdom and the pinky building is a mining museum and one day we will go check it out lol.

Matlock Bath is an inland seaside resort with lots of gift shops, chip shops and arcades also some wonderful shabby chic shops but not open when we went :(

but my fav place is along the river :)


  1. Thanks for this it looks fabulous! I will visit Matlock Bath in August it looks lovely
    Kandi x

  2. I think you and your boys will love it :) my son is not one for walking but he always loves going here :)