Monday, 4 April 2011

The start of a patchwork quilt

Today I found out the date when I get my left hand operation (10th of May) so I have to get my finger (sorry lol) out if I want to finish my shabby chic patchwork quilt I have been meaning to do for ages now. These are some of the fabrics I have collected so far.
I love the little rose bud fabric I got off Ebay, it's Laura Ashley so is the little clover piece I have had for nearly a year now. Im not sure if I should add some of the green fabric I have left over from my Amelie bag?
As you can see I have made a start cutting my plain pink squares. I have so much pink fabric ranging from very pale baby pink to the brighter one on the top of the pile.

I now need to work out which fabrics to use and the best way to arrange them lol.


  1. Ooh you've got a lovely collection of fabrics. Looking forward to seeing how your quilt turns out.

  2. Cant' wait to see your quilt - the materials are gorgeous. Jaqui x