Sunday, 3 April 2011

Amelie bag

Yesterday I decided I would make the Amelie bag from the pattern I brought from this Greta Quilting Studio I have had the wonderful bright fabric for ages now and just couldn't bring myself to cut it just for any old bag. The other fabric I used was some bits Ive stored up and the green lining fabric was two pillow cases I brought in a sale from Sainsburys :)
Cutting out the peices seemed to go on for ever but I wanted to get this as near perfect as I could. Once I stared sewing it together it only took me a few hours (inbetween washing and sorting tea lol).
The zip pocket at the back was my sticking point as Ive never done one before but it worked out fine :) I have always put off doing these zips as I thought it would be complicated but it was easy :)

I am thrilled to bits with this bag and Im going to do the next one now.

The pattern I brought is the Amelie bag, Belle bag and mini Amelie bag patterns all with very clear (pic's too) instructions and pieces to print out.


  1. Thats just lovely!! You have reminded me I bought loads of patterns in the Simplicity sale for bags and I have not opened them yet, about 6 months later!
    Kandi x

  2. Thats lovely Sue. Reckon that my favourite out of all your bags so far. x

  3. I was going to get rid of some of my fabric but after making the bag I have decided I can use a lot of it for some more of these bags :)