Saturday, 5 February 2011

No sew Saturday :(

Today I was going to do a lot of sewing but as usual when I plan things it always goes pear shaped. My OH has had to sort our water tank in the loft because Thursday it decided to leak (on my son's bed) but as the hatch is so small and my OH is a big guy he had to cut the ceiling to make a bigger one, the room has been a mess all day and I couldnt concentrate on any sewing :(
So instead I will share with you the wonderful fabric that arrived in the post :) This stuff I brought off ebay you iron onto fabric to make it wipe cleanable, the seller was such a lovely lady, she phoned me to see how I would like it posted and spent time to explain how to use it :)
This very deep red fabric feels like velvet, it is so beautiful Im not sure if I want to cut it up incase I mess it up lol

I loved this newspaper print fabric when I saw it I just had to buy it :) Also some more Mabel Lucie Atwell type fabric for more frame purses :)

I went into town this morning too and went into the bead shop for some little heart charms to sew onto bags after that I went over to my little fabric shop for some zips and as usual came away with more fabric and some tape so I can print my own labels (well that's if I don't cock it up lol). Im hopeing tomorrow to sew for the craft fair but Im on holiday this week so Im sure to get some thing done sewing wise (Shhhh dont tempt fate lol).
Hope everyones weekend is a good one :)
Sue xx


  1. I love all of it but my fave is the newspaper fabric. Where did you get it if you dont mind me asking? I quite fancy something like this to make another bag out of. Bit unusual. x p.s sorry to hear about your water tank. x

  2. Hi Claire :) sorry forgot to say the fabric was from Ebay the seller is fabric*garden ( 6008rena )(she has a bag and cushion made with it). Wonderful fabrics but it can get pricey as you dont no where to stop lol.

  3. Wow they are great! Loving the newspaper one though, really different.

  4. Your fabric buys are fab, I will get myself some of that Mabel Lucy stuff it's really pretty, the newsprint is fab too! I had forgotten you lived in Derbyshire, if you think of anywhere 4 moody teenagers might enjoy on our hols please let me know :)
    Kandi x

  5. Love love love the newspaper fabric!