Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Reading glasses case make today :)

Today my son was off school so I decided to get on with the reading glasses case Ive been wanting to do since my newspaper fabric arrived but as it was so special I thought I would do a trial run 1st using a cotton tea-towel for the outer fabric and an old sheet for the linning. The other problem was finding a pattern I liked, then I found an old glasses case (you know, the ones you get for free from the opticians) in the drawer that Ive not used so I pulled it apart and used it as a template :) I completed it in half an hour and its turned out well. I used interfacing on the reverse of the fabric but I felt it need some padding so the next one I did I used some left over wadding from my quilt wich has made a nice softer case.

I will add some Pic's later of how I made the case :)


  1. Thats lovely. I like the curvy bit on the closure and the fabric is great. On a negative note I have ordered some of that newspaper fabric despite vowing that I wouldnt buy any more stash until the last lot has been made into something!! Note to self: Do not hit the web links no matter how tempting!! ;) x

  2. Thank you :) I know what you mean Claire lol, I must not order anymore fabric. I will have to sew more so I keep away from the PC.
    Sue x

  3. It's fab you clever thing, I should make myself one of these. Oh my list of things to make gets ever longer :)
    Kandi x