Monday, 28 February 2011

Udate info :)

Hi everyone :)
As you all know I had an op on my hand so Ive not been able to sew anything :(
It has now been a week (of torture, not my hand but not being able to sew lol) and I have never been so bored lol, Im usually a very active person, always doing something but being right handed even cleaning my teeth has been a challenge with my left lol but being a mum I soon learnt to adapt and being independant my OH got fed up trying to help as I told him to go away I can do it lol (I know I should sit back and let him).
I have sorted my fabric into colour and put into clear shoe boxes so I can see what I have (well as best as I can) I need to buy about another 10 boxes though lol.
I have been getting loads of sewing ideas and I even brought some more fabric :) Oooo my head is busting lol.
The stitches come out of my hand on Thursday so I will be able to see if the sureon was as good at sewing as me lol.
I have the next 2 weeks off work still so Im hoping to start doing a little bit of sewing next week :)


  1. Sorry to hear that "no sew boredom" has taken hold. You will totally be going for it once you get your stitches out! Glad you are doing OK and hope you are back to 100% again soon! x

  2. Oh you are like me, just can't sit still. Hope it is soon back to normal and you are sewing again soon. Why not scour the library for ideas of things to make once you are better?
    Kandi x