Wednesday, 16 February 2011

More sewing :)

On Friday I am going to hospital to have an op on my right hand (I have carpale tunnel syndrome) so I went to the library to get some books as Im not going to be able to sew for about 2 weeks :(
I found these wonderful books and after a quick look through I think I will have to see if I can buy these as there is so much info and wonderful things to make I think they would be a great addition to my book shelf :) I wont be able to add much to my blog for a while but hopefully I can update you all on things Ive read lol. It might take a while as I will have to type left handed lol.
I had some small pieces of the abc/tape fabric left so I decided to make a craft bag for my big princess when she comes to visit me. It has a front pocket and I put a smaller pocket on the inside too :) now she can keep all her books, stickers and pencils together :) Yesterday I decided to use this fabric that has been sitting in my drawer for too long, my big problem is I just cann't bring my self to cut into lovely fabric, I am getting better at sewing buttercup bags lol, this too me less than an hour to do (even after having to undo the lining bottom as Id forgot to put the magnetic fastener in lol) The bead shop in town has some lovely charms so Ive decided that everything I sew will have little hearts sewn on somewere, I can get silver and gold coloured ones for 8p each, they are very pretty so Ive put a gold colour one on the front of this bag :)


  1. Beautiful! I am the same with lovely fabrics I have lots that I just can't bear to part with.
    Hope all goes well with the op I will be thinking of you. It might make a nice change to step back from making and read about it instead and get all inspired! Rest up and take it easy.
    Kandi x

  2. Hope the op goes well. Surely you'll be torturing yourself reading all about all the sewing things you can't do?! x

  3. Your granddaughter will be over the moon with that!! Love your bag. Such pretty fabric! Let me know how you are after your op. Take care. Will be thinking of you. x

  4. Good luck with the op and I love both your bags.

  5. Thank you guys :) Im now feeling a little nervous lol.
    I agree, it will be a pain reading and not doing lol, I have loads of books (one being the bag making bible by Lisa Lam of uhandbag,com) that by the time Ive gone over a few times I will be able to sew the bags with my eyes closed lol but hopefully not for too long :)

  6. Good luck with the op

    That bag is a fab idea, could do with a similair version for keeping the 9yo occuopied in the car when we go camping etc and on long journeys , maybe i could make one that hangs over the headrest with pockets etc .....thanks for the idea

  7. its a great idea to have one hanging over the car seat :)
    i just got home after my op, all went well :) im now left handed for 2 weeks lol.
    sue x

  8. I love the bag for your granddaughter sue. Did you follow a tutorial I'd love to try one for lili? X x

  9. Thank you Tina :)
    I didn't follow a tutorial, I cut out a basic lined tote bag then added a smaller pocket and pencil pocket onto the front before sewing the sides together. I just then made the lined tote bag as normal. Im getting my stiches out today so hopefully I will do a tutorial :)