Wednesday, 9 February 2011

How I made the glasses case :)

This is how I made my glasses case :)
I couldn't find a tutorial that...1 was easy for me lol and 2 was not the size of a bag.
I found an old glasses case that has been lurking for too long now in one of the drawers and decided to pull it apart to see if I could work out how it was made. Snipping the stitches was easy and I was pleased it was an easy shape to take a pattern from :)
My 1st two cases we made with medium weight interfacing (ironed onto both outer and linning fabric) which was ok if you want somewhere to keep your glasses at home but I thought mine would get damaged in my bag so I used some 2oz wadding I had left over from quilts I have made and it works a dream :)
I pinned around the edges (right sides of fabric together) but left the bottom open
so I could turn it the right way after (a bit like making bags lol).
I knew these chop sticks would come in handy one day lol, they are ideal for getting into the corners. Forgot to say clip the curves before turning (you prob dont realy need to be told but thought I would remind everyone lol)

I folded the side over and ironed it flat then starting on the right side (as you look at pic) I just top stiched all around the edge, I made sure the open seam at the bottom was ironed over so it got sewn together at the same time (Im a bit lazy) when reaching the flap part I just carried on till back to were I started.
All that was left to do was put a snap fastener under the flap to keep it closed (you could use velcro) and I add a small heart charm to everything I make now :) The pin is in place before I put the charm on.
This took about 20mins to make (inbetwen my sneezing fit so please excuse the wonky stitches).
Please feel free to have a go and let me know who you got on (with pic's if poss) or if you need some more info let me know :)


  1. I like this and it certainly won't take up as much room as the hugh thing I've got.

  2. Lovely spec case.The material is gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Love the material sue. Your tutorial is great too. xx p.s think something wrong with your photobucket settings as your posts all coming up with photobucket messages saying this image not available. Thought Id let you know incase you cant see it on your screen. x

  4. Thank you for your nice messages, they are very much appreciated :)
    Im not sure why the photobucket message has popped up, OH (the PC geek lol) is saying its a photobucket prob at their end.

  5. Oh you clever thing, thanks for that tutorial it's fab, I will definately attempt this soon.
    Thanks again
    Kandi xx