Monday, 13 June 2011

I have been sewing again :)

I needed to get back into my sewing again so I fished these tissues out that I had brought off ebay a while ago and made some covers for them :)The marble ones just had to go in the spotty fabric ones lol.This art bag I made is from this blog loved this fabric but it was such a pain, it frayed so much. Silly me forgot that I had brought a bottle of fray stop Doh!

The inside pockets were made from a duvet cover I found in a CS, it is so like denim you would think I had cut up my jeans lol.Today I finished a nother Amelie bag :) this time I used some lonely hearts ads fabric I found on ebay, I love it :) The pocket backs are white hearts on black and I used some dotty red heart fabric for the lining and straps.

It is funny to read as well as being useful :)


  1. They are all fab - loving the bag xx

  2. love the lonely hearts fabric, and the bags are just gorgeous,well done.xx

  3. That Amelie bag is so cute, I love the fabric! x

  4. Love all of it but my faves are the art bag and especially the lonely hearts ads fabric bag. Its superb!