Thursday, 2 June 2011

Grandaughters pegs finished :)

Finished my darling grandaughters pegs ready for their new bedroom :)
I used the lovely flower from Tina's gift for baby and the heart yoyo's I made sometime last year :)
I had a sample pot of lilac paint left over from doing my daughter room so thought the wooden hearts would be a nice touch, the had a small hole in them so I glued a bead on to cover it.

When I was at my mum's for the weekend she was showing me her new Cricut and said she could do the girls names for me so I glued them on and put a coat of clear varnish over it.

I now have to make some little patchwork bags to hang on them :)

My son says I spoil my girls lol.

Sorry for not leaving comments on all my wonderful friends blogs but It won't let me :( I have heard that it playing up but I just want you to know I am keeping up with you all :)


  1. They are fabulous you clever thing! I love the heart yo-yo's they are brill.
    Blogger is a pain, if you log in and don't tick the keep me signed in box it lets you leave coments ~ odd but it works.
    Kandi x

  2. I still struggle to master the blogging, and anythingelse really computerised, so your not alone.
    I will be so happy when I can make a beautiful site, when i can manage to copy and paste links etc to other things, and of course, find the time to do things too!!
    Your work is beautiful and I am envious!

  3. They look great and aren't grandchildren meant for spoiling at least that's what my Mum used to tell me.

  4. They look fantastic Sue. Im sure they will be over the moon when they get them. x