Saturday, 4 June 2011

A beautiful day out

This is pic's of a beautiful day out that DS J, little dog and me had yesterday, we dropped DD off at work and decided to go on to the National Stone Center. I had luckly remenbered my camera :)
This is a great free place to visit.

Here is the start :)

DS J decided to see how deep the well was by counting how long the stone took to hit the bottom :)
These towers are dotted all around the walk with different tops on them.

The old quarry pit. I don't look down here lol.

Another stone tower.

This is the start of the Millenium wall walk. They built walls common to different parts of the UK. It is facinating to see how different they are :)

One of the walls (and my little dog)

These give you information on each wall and were they are built

Beautiful walks :)

DS J wanted a walking stick and is deciding which one to pick lol.


We decided to move one after the stone center and go to Carsington Water, a very large lake.

This is just a few miles from the stone center and is another free (if you don't park in the visitors center car park) place to visit we always park in the sheepwash car park were there is a great area to have a picnic :)

This is the wildlife area it is full of buttercups at the moment.
This is a veiw from one of the bird watching huts dotted along the walk.

To finish off my Derbyshire travel guide lol I have included pic's of Cromford Mill wher my DD works.

This is a lovely place for a short stop over, some great little shops and a good coffee shop :)

To end it all I could not leave without visiting my fav fabric shop. The lady here is very freindly and has some amazing quilting stuff, it's like being a little kid in a sweet shop lol.

I still miss being by the sea when I moved from Norfolk but on days like this I love Derbyshire :)
No I don't work for any of these places lol.

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