Sunday, 23 May 2010

My chest of drawers are now finished :)

I decided to paint an old photo frame and the little box I got from the charity shop after I finished the chest of drawers. The hearts were from Ebay, I covered it with Cath Kidston tissue (also in the pic frame).

I got some rose transfers from ebay to finish the back off.

The top has (so far had 2 coats of wax)

I lined the draws and replaced the handles with some knobs I brought last year.
I can not belive I have now finished the chest of drawers, it seemed to so long getting it done but Im pleased how they now look and now I will be able to load my fabric in it :)


  1. Wow! That is really lovely and I bet you are glad you took your time to get it just right! I am a bit like you once I have the paint out I look about for what else I can paint. It looks really effective.
    Kandi x

  2. Thank you Kandi :) it was seeing your painted bits that inspired me to do some :)

  3. wow they look stunning, and I bet your so pleased with your chest of drawers :)

  4. I just bought some cath kidson tissues ,thats a great idea to frame them up ,hope you wont mind me pinching your idea.
    Your frame looked marvellous.well done on your chest of drawers,they look like new .

  5. Wow - they look gorgeous. The top of the chest of drawers looks lovely - the roses just add the finishing touch xx

  6. Thank you everyone, Im pleased with it :)
    Artydoll you are welcome to use the tissue idea :)

  7. I love the wooden box!

    Looks beautiful, well done :D x